2 Women With ‘2 Times Mother’ Ready To Sacrifice For Children

Going for more than half of the human life, 2 women in Vinh Long province still have to make money to earn small children to make the audience not removed from XA.0: 00/2: 01 NamBa Le Thi Du present at 57 years old but still have to brush to earn money for four grandchildren. Just in less than three months, Mrs. Du's big daughter page quietly left four children for her to take care of her care. The new three-month-old gentle

. Tui with the virgin (sister sister page) takes care of the children ". Du said:" Poor us, they didn't have the love of the parents, but I am poor so I don't worry Let me eat, wearing like people ". Du
Photo: BeC poverty is not a capital in hand, Ms. Du wish to improve family economy in the direction of livestock and grocery trade. But one hand made with the five mouths of eating, she also pitted a lot of time that the future had to be unfinished. The heart was as high as Ms. Du, Ms. Ta Thi Thu (46 years old) also carrying the four children grandchildren. From the day the sister lose, the sucker left four small children, she had to find every way from shaving cashew cashew to grass, struggling day and night still not enough money for the children full enough. Ms. Ta Thi Thu.The collected: "My sister developed cervical cancer, his husband also left from there so I brought me with the grandchildren about care
I sold a public to have money for my sister to treat the disease but also didn't get over. Look at the small kids, but I don't take tears. "" The aid car "has sought and given two woman a rays of throat with the opportunity to change his life. The burden on aunt's shoulders, the big grandchild told him to lift the story to plunge into the life. However, due to developing delayed diseases, it is possible to apply for sub-lakes in the works. The rainy season does not have a job, told you to look at the description. The collection participates in challenges from the program. Worried the difficult circumstances of the two families, a member of a compassionate car has come and give them one Hy throat with the opportunity to change life. The dream of opening a grocery store, two households will overcome the challenge to bring the highest bonus amount of the program? Pick up with the 540 states of a cylinder driver program broadcast at 19 Now 15 tonight, 4-12 on THVL1 channel.

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