2021 Nobel Prize In 2 Scientists Find Organic Catalysts

In the afternoon of October 6, the Nobel Prize Commission announced the German scientist Benjamin List and American Scientist David Macmillan won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2021 because there was a job of finding organic catalysts. This tool is used for research to find a variety of new drugs and help chemical methods become more friendly with the environment 09: 00/1: 49 South of the South China Nobel Prize-winning scientists 2021. (Photo: The Prize Commission) Benjamin List scientist tested whether a acid amino called proline could become a catalyst for a chemical reaction. The result shows that it works very well. David Macmillan science has found that metal catalysts are easily destroyed because of moisture

. He wondered whether it could develop a more durable catalyst by using simple organic molecules. He found out the kind of excellent catalyzes. Before that, the researchers believed only two catalysts: metal and enzyme
Independent work but two scientists Benjamin List and David Macmillan Same creates third catalysts: asymmetrical organic catalysts, based on small organic molecules. The scientist in 1968 will receive cash rewards 10 million Crown Sweden (1, 15 million USD). The third prize is announced during the Nobel season this year. 5/10, three scientists Syukuro Manabe, Klaus Hasselmann and Giorgio Parisi won the Nobel Prize in Physics 2021 for finding models Complex weather. 4/10, two US scientists David Julius and Ardem PatapouTian are selected as Nobel Medicine Awarders 2021 because there is a job that discovered a temperature and tactile reception mechanism, paving the way for The preparation of painkillers. Nobel award for literature, peace and economics will continue to be published in the coming days. Jiangtheo Nobelp rize.org

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