3 Beautiful Armor, Good Wages But Easily Got The Wrong Person, Love Trouble

These borders have a lot of love in affectionate affectionate affectionate - 00/1: 57 Southern men, who thinks that with women: beautiful, smart is not lucky. When married, she probably hopes that I will marry my loved husband, understand and care about my wife. However, not everything is so happy. Most of them are beautiful, talented and easy to attract the attention of people around. This age woman is also ambitious and is not easy to satisfaction with real life

. They always try to strive to rise. Therefore, they often succeed in work. But in love, this age woman is relatively blind
When they love anyone, they often love all their hearts, so they cannot be discriminated. So after getting married, they are prone to the other person, deception. The man who smells will have to suffer a lot of suffering, hurt before finding the true happiness. The female age female smells have an abundant gas. (Artwork) Age Rooster women's beautiful and beautiful chicken, in lightness, covers. They often help others so Phuc Loc is increasingly prosperous. In his career, this age is often successful before the age. Up to middle age, they gradually stepped into the peak of his career. However, the Rooster's age was relatively lovingly. They can because of love that despite all
But not when their sacrifice was rewarded. Because I love so sometimes they get the other half deception and silver. This is also the thing that makes women who are suffering with a distinguishes. (Artwork) The age of women who are powers are quite easy to calculate and easily. But their biggest shortcomings are quite three right, running in the crowd, without their own politics. This person often seems beautiful, young compared to age. So, they are often loved by many people, pursuing. However, the love of the eldest of this age. Although they love sincerely, it is not always a person who was born in Hoi also found a true person with him. If married early, their marriage often was cheated. Married after age 27, this age has a happy, warm marriage life. * Information in the lesson is only contemplate, refer to the cost / according to sohu

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