3 Causes A Rich And Unhappy

People in the world, where are the purposes purposes? Perhaps, with a lot of people, it is to access feelings of satisfaction or happiness. While many people constantly pursue that feeling, they do not know that the real happiness is extremely simple things.02: 00/3: 21 Nam has a rich man even though the age is not high but again Must be a serious disease. He felt that he was no longer staying over, so in the heart of suffering, feared. A later time, he looked to an elderly old monks living in a throne Ancient Pagoda

. The old monk after listening to the man who scattered, immediately said: "I will give you three envelopes, inside is three methods. He came home to open each method and followed himself, done the first to open the second, follow the instructions in it. This is probably the only way to help him
"The rich man was happy to thank the old monk and left. Going home, he opened the first letter. He was really unexpected, because the inside only a line: "He came to the coast for 3 weeks, every day lying on the sandbreak 30 minutes!" But because there is no other way, I do it. As a result, every day he lies on that beach for more than 2 hours. Hey, he suddenly realized that his previous day passed in the surface of work, looking for money and fame. He did not have a relaxed time to listen to the waves, listen to such a seagulls. In his heart, he felt extremely comfortable and pleasant. The 22nd day, the man opened the second letter. On it wrote: "Learn fish or oyster on the sandy beach and drop them to the sea, continuously for 3 weeks." The man was skeptical but still persevered in teaching
Every day he finds small creatures that are driven ashore and drop them back to the sea. Although do not understand the reason for doing this, in his heart, he cannot touch the touch every time they look at the tail back to the deep sea. After 43, the man opened the third letter out and attentively to read: "He Look for a tree branch, then write on your wet sandy and dissatisfaction. "According to the instructions, the man every day wrote his resentment and dissatisfaction on the sandshore, but soon The sea waves rise and roll the words that he wrote on the sand. During a while, the man suddenly understood and burst into tears. How long after, the man returned home with a full body feeling, really gentle and self-reliant, even now he also forgot The fear of death like before. In the "Element" wrote: "People born in a lifetime can not see the sun, have a person who falls away from a diaper, but Fully healthy, now has ninety years old, so it is very good ... And the poverty is the usual of the world, the common state of the reader. Death is the end of human life. I peacefully wait for all the sadness? "A person can let go pursuing benefits, treasure all what we have new legs are happy and interested. If a person who pursues the floral, early hatching, can only increase the afflictions, say happiness? Greedy is a type of poison. Human desire, human desire always has no stops. Lasturbation, people because they don't learn three things so it always feels unasting and happiness. The first is that people are caught up in the vortex of fame, money and forgotten need to rest and purify their spirituality. The second is living in the world to know for it, departure, people get happy again. The third is that the person who lives needs to let go, don't keep insisting in the heart of things that should not be kept, like the mind of resentment, the heart is not in the same time. Trithucvn.org

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