3 Cheap Items Help The Body Fragrant: Sisters Fast For Use, Anh Commune

These are food that can support unpleasant odor removal, helping the body fragrant naturally.0: 00/1: 44 nam bolted coconuts illustration. Coconut oil contains many vitamins e, zinc, magnesium, iron, acid Fatty ..

. In addition to a comprehensive way of beautifying the skin to your hair, it also has the use of the breath smell. You can hold 1 morning coconut oil in your mouth for about 15 minutes and then spit and rinse your mouth Normally. Coconut oil has the ability to improve breathing odors by containing fatty acids and minerals that eliminate the odoral bacteria in the oral cavity, return the breath of aromatic tho and strong teeth
Also, you can Use coconut oil to massage in sweaty areas such as armpits, feet, palms ... to disinfect, create incense. . Thanks to components such as vitamin C, natural acids, lemon has a good effect in disinfecting, reducing odor bacteria, controlling odors in the oral cavity and sensitive skin areas. To limit steam condition Breathing smells, you can drink a glass of warm lemon juice (diluted lemon juice) in the morning. Also, can use fresh lemon scrub and massage in areas pouring lots of sweat like armpits, legs ..
in about 15 minutes. Natural acids in lemon will hit three odorless bacteria, bringing a pleasant fragrance. The green green has a lot of antioxidants, helping to slow down the aging process. Polyphenols in green tea mainly have the effect of creating incense, preventing the development of bacteria, odoring odor. Using green tea can overcome the bad breath, foul legs. Each morning, sisters can drink a cup of honey green tea after a meal about 30 minutes. The active ingredients in tea will promote the deodorant use. To deodide the feet, you can get warm tea with a little salt and soak your feet for about 20 minutes. Making several unpleasant odors in the leg will reduce significantly.

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