3 Delicious Dishes From The Leaves, Both Delicious And Strange For Her To Remotely Change Meals

Where only the leaves, it turns out that the leaves can be processed into a lot of strange dishes like this! 0:00 / 3: 32 Southern stir-fried beef beef leaves need to prepare - 150-200gr lean Thai thin pieces - 1/2 onion in Thai citrus - 1 Very leaves Leaves Washed Thai to a big range 1 burning finger - 2 tablespoons of minced garlic - Meat-marinated spices: 1 tablespoon minced garlic, 1 little seasoning powder, salt, pepper , sesame oil, soy sauce, tiny road, 1 teaspoon of corn powder (for corn flour into marinated meat will be fastier to be more spicy when stir-fried with meat will not be dry). Beef put into bowl with spices marinated evenly to 10 minutes for spice flesh. - North pan on the kitchen, give 1 tablespoon of oil into heating and non-fragrant garlic for stir-fried with fire Big, the islands for meat. When ripe meat is turned off the kitchen, the beef shuts up the plate. The plate of beef stir-fried on the pan, the island was a few rounds, turning off the kitchen

. Fried with the leaves and eating with the white rice is very delicious. Instant with the leaves need to be prepared to make a stir-fried leaf-1 weight Fresh mussels (if you don't have time, you can buy 3 lices of meat made available in supermarkets) - 5 pcs Leaves - 1 Half onion-spices: seasoning seeds, salt, fish sauce, Pepper, dried onions, chili sauce. - Multi-mining cake (with or not) Stir-fried with leaves with a stir-fried mussel sauce 1: If you use mussels made available, please pick up the shell The mussels are evenly washed and washed away to drain
If you use fresh mussels, before processing you give the mussels to soak about 4-5 hours with rice water or clean water cuts some chili in to let your rare sand. Then treat the mussels and put it in the boiled bliss. When boiling, use a strong chopsticks to open your mouth and the mussels will leave. After that, remove all the shells above leaving and removing the flesh depending on the bottom of the pot. The boiled water section, please keep cooking, it is very delicious. - Leaves are washed and clean and small, onion peeling the outer shell to wash the fiber. The dried onion peeled the stamping smashing and threw the small. When the onions are ripened, let the mussel with 1 tablespoon of chili sauce, half a spoon of small salt, 1 little fish sauce, 1 little pepper and half a spoon of seasoned seeds into the fried pan along. Stir-fried about 6-7 minutes, please re-season the spices that have just been with a family taste or not for the leaf into the plate of the island evenly. Once you smell the fragrance of the leaves, then turn off the kitchen and scoop up the plate and then sprinkle some pepper up on the food to be more delicious
One thing to pay attention to you should not stir-fry too long will make your mussel dry when eating will lose your sweet taste of Hen. Rang Leave Leaves: 300g thigh or chicken with 10 leaves 1 branch of ginger 2 pillars spice: fish sauce, salt, sugar, pepper, peppers. Roasted leaves are made: Step 1: Leaves washed small Thai. Peeled peeled pilgrimage. Ginger peeled shredded shells.Step 2: Chicken washed in Thai pieces to eat about 0.2cm thick. Marinate meat for about 30 minutes with a few fish sauce, salt, sugar, pepper, peppers, pilgrimage, ginger mixed. Sceptional 3: Pan on the kitchen with 2 tablespoons of cooking oil, for drunk on stir-fry then for Chicken into roasted until meat is ripe. Sceptional 4: Add leaves to the island for about 1 minute. Taste spices for both eating and turning off the kitchen. Sale (synthesis) Photo: Collectibles

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