3 Family Cars Worth Buying Within Vnd 700 Million

Car buyers cost less than VND 700 million to serve families who can choose some sedan sedan, urban SUV or MPV. In Vietnam, the car segment costs less than VND 700 million is focused by firms thanks to high sales, yes Both customers buy cars for personal, family and service business. In that, users who buy cars for families can now consider some sedans, SUV or MPV to harmonize the criteria of not Uses, amenities and safety Mitsubishi Xpander AT SpecialsAfter Suzuki XL7's debut last year, the cheap MPV group does not have a remarkable model or upgrade. Therefore, located next to Suzuki Ertiga, Toyota Avanza, Toyota Rush or Kia Rondo, Mitsubishi Xpander is still the best choice.Mitsubishi XPander AT is particularly edge, with the addition of equipped, version XPander assembled in Water also better responds to the needs of the comfort and safety of users to buy a car to serve the family

. Specifically, the new points on XPander AT specifically include decorative stamps, 10-inch central screen instead of the type 7 inches, reversing sensors and 360-degree cameras. With available features such as electronic balance, traction control, horizontal departure support, XPander is now fully equipped with basic and universal safety systems Variable on the same car price models.so with sedans and SUVs costs less than VND 700 million, XPander's most recognizable advantage is multi-purpose calculation, with 7 seats and airy cabins
However, the car has a simple interior design and less comfort.Mitsubishi XPander at special use of gasoline 1.5L (102 horsepower, 141 nm) and 4 AT gearbox - Full performance level for basic needs . The car has a price of 630 million dong.kia Seltos 1.4 Luxury Pre-life 2021, Kia Seltos 1.4 Luxury is no longer too limited in comfort and safety with higher versions like 1.4 Premium or 1.6 Premium, while the selling price is lower than times Hit 70 million and 40 million dong.Seltos 1
4 Luxury 2021 has a new logo, 2-tone interior, supplemented with electrical driving seat and tire pressure sensor. Facilities Equipment from the previous life including 12.3-inch screen, leather seats, leather-wrapped leather / electrical steering wheel / integrated control buttons, automatic air conditioning, wind door rear seats, boot button ... compared to the high version, Seltos 1.4 Luxury uses halogen lamp instead of LED, no auto headlights, remembering chair position, interior lamp, mirror anti-glare, Cruise Control and panoramic sky. However, these equipment do not affect too much to the daily and aesthetic experience of the car. Safety face, the streamlines of Kia Seltos 1.4 Luxury at the basic level with ABS / EBD / Three, Scales Electronically, control traction, supports horizontal departure, reversing sensors, reversing cameras and 2 airbags. 1.4L turbocharged motor and 7-level dual-clutch gearbox for a capacity of 138 horsepower, 242 nm torque. The car is priced at VND 669 million. Leave the price, at this price range, Kia Seltos 1.4 Luxury is currently the urban SUV plan to better meet the criteria for designs, equipment and operation compared to Ford Ecosport, Mazda CX- 3 or Hyundai Kona.kia Cerato 2.0 Premium has the lowest price of segment, Kia Cerato is the selection of family service sedan worth considering within 700 million dong thanks to spacious space, modern designs and many amenities. For example, the other version of Cerato 2.0 Premium with the listed price of 685 million VND with LED lights, automatic headlights, rear wind wings, leather seats, 10-way electric driving seats, electric windows, sunroof, steering wheel Power correction, Cruise Control, Two-zone automatic air-conditioning boot button, Rear seat door, Wireless charger and Ion air filter. In the same time, the safety list of the car is enough to meet the multi-demand Number of users with ABS / EBD / BA, supporting the horizontal departure, electronic balance, stabilizing car body, reversing camera, front / back sensor and 6 airbags. The biggest mode of the current Cerato model to be The car has stepped into a new life and the facelift is expected to be released soon in Vietnam. This is also the reason why the company and agent constantly declining strong prices for Cerato last time.- The video close-up Kia Seltos new logo in Vietnam. Source: Family car. Cho Vu / Zing

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