3 Favorite Dishes Of Us Vice President Kamala Harris

IDLI, Sambar and Tikka are 3 Indian dishes that US Vice President Kamala Harris Favorite.0: 00/2: 48Thu Nam in a video posted on Twitter last year has the content: "People ask, I pay Word, "Mrs. Kamala Harris used to ask a question:" What is her favorite Indian dish? " And she answered, it was IDLI served with "Sambar really delicious". These two dishes come from southern Indians and any kind of Tikka of the North India. Harris has a Jamaican father, Indian mother to the US to study a doctor in 19 years old, so she loves the Press

. easy to understand. Although he grew up in the United States, her mother transmitted love and Indian homelands for her sister.IDliidli was a traditional rice cake made from lentils fermented and rice flour, steamed ripe
IDLI is popular during breakfast in many families in southern India. However, you can easily find this cake in every country in India.IDLI is a popular traditional rice cake in South India - Photo: IndianhealthyrecipesMón Idli rice cooked hot dipped in Sambar or Chutney or The marinated marinated with many spices. Sambarsamba is a stew and often combined with IDLI rice cakes - Photo: Indianhealthyrecipessamba is a stew, porridge or vegetarian soup of southern southern cuisine. This dish is the perfect combination of spices, vegetables like me, turmeric, curry, carrot, chili, onion, garlic, eggplant, bunch, gourd, okra ... This dish usually serves with IDLI cake like Mrs. Harris suggested.tikkatikka is a dish that includes very popular replacement meat pieces or vegetarian dishes in the North Indian
This dish is made by marinating pieces in spices and yogurt and cooking them in a soil pot.Hai Tikka type is most known to many international tourists as Tikka Masala and vegetarian versions are sauce Curry in Tikka often has ice cream and orange colors. Harris likes all Tikka dishes from North India - Photo: TimeFood, the delicious dishes, Ms. Harris shared that she likes to cook and care Spiritual health by exercising every morning and constantly talking to the children. Kamala Harris is born on 20.10,1964 in Oakland, California. Her mother, Shyamala Gopalan, is a breast cancer scientist from Tamil Nadu, India, in 1960 to attend a doctorate in the endocrine industry at UC Berkeley. Her father, Donald J. Harris, is an honorary professor of economics in Stanford University, immigrating from Jamaica in 1961 to study economics at UC Berkeley.Ba Kamala Harris First Indians and is women skin The first color was chosen by a US major political party for the country's leading power. Ms. Kamala Harris is on a Southeast Asia and Vietnam dourship as the first destination of this trip. She was considered the highest official official of the US President Joe Biden to visit Southeast Asia to the present.

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