3 Food Treatment Effective Armpit Helps Skin Smooth, Bright White Without A Spa

Do you like wearing a summer wire shirt but hesitate because of the under-arm skin area? Here are 3 tips to help you treat your armpit with food in the kitchen.0: 00/1: 01 nam1. Chanhchanh contains natural bleaching agents, this is the easiest way to lighten the skin under your arm. You just need to cut a lemon into two halves and rub the lemon half on the skin under the arms in a few minute. Leave lemon juice on your skin in 30 minutes

. Repeat the following 2 times / week, you will be amazed at the results of receiving.3 food treatment effectively helps skin smooth, bright white2. Potato KHOAI West also contains a natural bleach composition
To make you just scrub a slice of thin potatoes on the area around the armpits. You can also use potato waterproof cotton and apply to the skin under the arm . To dry and then wash 3. Mouse mouse can lighten the skin naturally. You cancel a cucumber, squeeze and filter the water. Then take a piece of cotton embedded into cucumber juice.Thoa this juice daily on the skin area Under the under your arm to lighten the skin naturally. According to Hoang Nguyen / New family

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