3 Great Skin Care Techniques

3 great skin care techniques of the fairy's first choice of natural product lines, efficiently, safe for health, easy to use but save costs, that is the secret that girls pine Minh chooses to lift his skin. Loving with sunshine, smoke, frequent masks ... significantly affects skin health

. Below are the Secret Skincare to help women get healthy, fresh skin in all circumstances. Select Skincare products safely and effectively yet when people care about the safety of health like At the present time, so is the skin care. Smart girls are getting harder in choosing Skincare products for themselves
Between the whole forest of mixed gold products mixed, some criteria are attached to the girls: prestigious brand, originated and component clearly; Does not contain irritating and safe chemicals with skin ... Quality products are not only harmless to the skin, but also protect, care for skin fresh every day. Green life for fresh skin Young either movement is being loved by modern girls and towards, that is pursuing green, clean lifestyle, even in beauty. By using products with benign ingredients, less chemicals, or choosing Skincare lines from environmental protection brands (reduced use of packaging, plastic items; recycling), She has contributed to building a lives and sustainability. They have just been beautifying themselves, they have just contributed to the beauty of the environment and society. Save the cost of reducing living expenses due to the influence of epidemics also causes many people to be more cautious when consuming and buying Shopping. One of the Skincare lines is not only because of the safety quality but also because of the good price is a prestigious cosmetic brand from Japan launched 50 years ago Chifure.Chifure Vietnam currently has 2 production lines The main product is Skincare and Makeup
In particular, Skincare includes outstanding products, suitable for the weather of Vietnam and is favored by many girls to include: Foaming Face Wash (199,000 VND): is foaming cleanser, containing gentle amino acids Clean the face that still retains the natural moisture for skin.Washable Cold Cream (250,000VND) is a makeup removal cream to remove the hard and dirt makeup layer, easily washed with cold or warm water .oisture Gel (308.000VND): No alcoholic moisturizing gel owns 6 "genuine oyster" functions including: Toner, Serum, Milking, Cream, Masks, Makeup Cream, bringing you soft skin, Elastic and succulent.Whitening Moisture Gel (424,000VND): Moisturizing gel Moisturizing non-alcoholic skin with a formula containing Tranexamic acid helps prevent pigments and freckles by inhibiting melanin production. Providing 6 functions in one: toner, serum, milking, cream, masks, makeup lining, helps moist and soft skin. Besides these products, chifure also has skincare products Other reasoning such as moisturizing balanced water, cream ... Lesson: Pham Huyen

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