3 Hairstyles To Help Twice Team Leader Small Face, Become A Formidable Beauty Of Kpop

The three hairstyles of Jihyo helped her touch the pinnacle of the beautiful. Before, Jihyo - TWIQe team leader did not allow the hairstyles to be brought, the roof was simply a long, turning to the sides, turning to the sides Looks very simple and legal. Of course, Jihyo is still beautiful and sweet, but this is still not the time, Visual of American people in 1997 reached the peak of beauty. Until Jihyo moved to his body with the following hairstyles , Visual women's idols really come up with strong incense, becoming extremely formidable beauty of Kpop. And to find yourself the hairstyles that help cover the disadvantages, raise the beauty, you should refer to the following three suggestions of Jihyo

. Hairy flying hair flying from the last few years has caused a fever Strong at Korean salons. And until now, this hairstyle is still a fad. The flying roof does not require you to "crop" the roofs too short
The structure of this roof type is usually turned on both sides, then chases each part to slowly on the side of the ears. This is a hair-like and vivid hair, so it helps her face more soft, balanced and looks more serene. When leaving the bangs to fly, Jihyo always exudes elegance and crossing. The double-turned roof also felt a bright and radiant face, so Jihyo's appearance was always youthful, not "dynoted" at all. Hair of onion onion halls is popular, So far continues to cause fever back. Jihyo did not ignore this classic trend. Onion hairs often just cut a two pretty fragile curls, even so, "power" promoted the beauty of the onion hair "not kidding". These curls "small but martial arts" will distract people from the weakness of the forehead, such as narrow or forehead forehead. Onion hair also works to create a soft, compact look for the face. To onion hair, Jihyo easily get a sweet look, fresh young but no less lovingly
This hairstyle is particularly suitable for Jihyo's Bob hair, or even if she ties her hair up, it is very beautiful. Hair curtains curtains are hot from Europe to Asia, and all have reason. When coming with this hot hit hairstyle, your roof will be turned in a double, chasing and bending lightly so that forms on both sides of the curtains. The first impression of curtains is the feminine, with classic features, so it looks very luxurious and elegant. The curtains curtains have a good face, which helps to cover the drawbacks to hide but don't make the face darkened. It can be seen that when leaving the curtain curtains, Jihyo starts all kinds of beautiful, soaring, Visual shines that people cannot not be mesmerized: Collectibles:

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