3 Makeup Tips Autumn Winter Sisters Should Not Ignore

Let's study the early autumn makeup tips to always be beautiful, bright! Eye chromasome to beat the T, forehead or chin, ... more easily poured. Do not sweep back after applying the eyeshadow

. You mend light, chalk will cling more, while increasing the likelihood of absorbing oil. Then you can spray a makeup chalk to the entire face. When the dry spray you can add a coating layer if necessary
Partial makeup not only doesn't lose the initial gloss of the makeup layer but also can eliminate oil-susceptible skin. Mineral spray when the autumn winter makeup first, you give a little mineral spray into ice cream Background and mix well. At first there will be a little oil and water separator. Then slowly draw in the circle and mix well. You can use chalks on a background cream. Next use chalks or rub the background cream. Take a small amount of small cream and press all over the face or oil-free areas, eventually use a hair dryer to blow up at the lowest temperature, 20 cm away from the face, you can repeat Steps of chalk and hair dryer. If you don't like a makeup layer, you can spray a final chalk layer to create a smooth moisture skin. The early autumn season is impressed by creating a hindrance when the makeup is done, you use dry clothes Places easily peel off. After that, you tear a piece of toilet paper into the thinnest pieces and wrap the cotton removal
Press again so that cotton removal to remove chalk and excess oil, the makeup layer will be more fresh. Next, get the makeup embedded directly to the polles of oil and apply it to the skin. Cream and powder can be absorbed evenly on the face, helping the thin layer lighter, bringing radiant skin. Learn Huyen - Follow Beauty321

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