3 Masks Peeling From The Raw Material In The Kitchen To Help You Remove Face Hair At Home Effectively

Here are some formulas of peeling masks that help you wear face hair at home simple and effective.00: 00/1: 21 Southern facial hairy water is one of the most painful beauty processes. Method such asThreading (with only), waxing (wax hair removal) or using a razor, you can do the face hair removal at a gentle and simple house with the types of masks. Italy 3 formulas Masks peeling face hair removal at home can refer to.1

. Mask peeling honey road-mixing 1 tablespoon honey with 2 tablespoons of sugar and water. - Heat it until the road tosses. - After the sugar dissolves completely, apply the mixture to the face you want to remove face hair
- After that, cover a thin cotton cloth on top. - Wait until the mask cooled completely and seemed, peel off the cloth with a fast motion. Mask peeling egg corn-separating yolk and egg whites.- For the white of an egg into a bowl and mix half a spoon of corn flour into this mixture.- Add a spoonful of sugar and heat until the road tossed Flow. - Apply this mixture to the skin, wait until dry completely, slowly peeling in the opposite direction of the fur to remove the hair.3. Gelatin milk peeling mask - for 1 tablespoon odorless gelatin powder and 3 tablespoons. Can add a few drops of lemon juice. - Heat this mixture until the milk reaches the warmth, then apply a layer to face, go to the area you want to remove hair
- When the hair is dry, slowly peel down In the opposite direction of feathers. According to Hoang Nguyen / new family

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