3-month Elections, Boys Claim To Give 10 Yellow Trees, 2 Red Books But The Bride Canceled Kissing Because Of His Mother-in-law

'Love for a while I took me home, my family didn't mean at all. Even his mother also told me to "chop chopsticks of trays '', the girl said. After canceling kissing, the bride discovered that he was planning to marry very badly and did not deserve to stick . Leave is a lifetime story. Who doesn't want to meet the good man to stick

. However, the real life is not every girl who has a perfect husband. Marriage is rejected here, on the social network appearing to peel off the septic bride. She decided to cancel the kiss after suffering with tormentation, making it difficult for her husband's family
It's like this: "Many times to think about how long I relaxed him. If you get married to that house, my life is still suffering again. His family has conditions, large business parents on the district town. He was gentle, so both soon that they fell in love with a while he took him home, his family did not like anything. Even his mother told me to "chop chopsticks of trays'. In fact, if people should have been farewell to it, but I'm blind. Now thinking again, I saw my little foolishness, "she said. The writing is posted. Although it was about to finish strawberries, the situation of the bride's mother-in-law was not very convenient. But perhaps because of the pregnancy in my stomach, that family is also down
Two sides of the family celebrated, married this day, the girl always felt too naive himself when she thought of marrying, everything was stable. She didn't think that marriage was just a start of another life, much harder. The fierce kiss and the message asked for money: "Everything is normal until a week before the wedding. His mother called me the house to eat something to discuss something. Talking in contact with my mother-in-law, I still have a lot of pressure. Go home, don't eat anything, she wants to talk to her couple. At that time, her mother-in-law tone was not as pleasant. First, she mentioned the berries. I mean my mother-in-law wants only to go to dozens of people, sitting with 2 trays, not bringing many people. 'Do.'Ko the whole team to do anything and it takes anything', he said. Do not agree, married please don't joke. I boarded the main main roads, the distance of two houses less than 5km away with dozens of people, so I told you to discuss with my parents and then. At this time, he seemed unhappy. But to the next part, I was horrified. The future mother-in-law says that it will donate 2 red books, 10 yellow trees on the stage to let me 'beautiful face'. Inside, the wedding gold was collected. 'Poor her is sure to give me 5 only. I awarded on the stage to be awarded her house. But giving a fake donation to people from laughing this house to treat strawberry. After returning, return me. Family connection with her house is my house into the water too, just afraid of laughing here'.Nghe finished those verses I saw memories too. Especially the way the future mother-in-law considers her home, despises her parents very hard. My husband kept nodding, watching her mother said right. I'm bored with extremely and saying that if so, it might try to marry again. I said that I want to cancel the kiss and greet it about ". About the house, the girl recounts the story for his parents and frankly about being a single mother. Who doubts, 2 days after the husband deprives the message to ask for money. Attached is the message that he sent it via.Tin Message the elevated husband sent. "The money took a clear picture. 5 million for her to use a wedding dress to send me. Some boxes of milk drinks and then consider themselves, ultrasonic money considered. The phone delivers me, "he wrote. Even to the money to ask and the black ceremony of the man also asked it." And 3 months still removed. She didn't leave it himself, then don't go to my family, "he mentioned the child. The girl was extremely fiercely fierce to know that fortunately to leave early, if she married, life didn't have happiness . Sometimes, the last minute people look at people. Women don't blindly blindly with marriage because sometimes waiting for them to be sad to the end.Theo phapluat.suckhoedoisong.vn

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