3 Months Stuck In Da Lat, The 9x Boy Scored The Moments Of ‘trieu View’ Moments

Accidentally stuck in Da Lat on the journey to Xuyen Viet by Translation of Covid-19 but Thanh Duy received unforgettable experiences. Even the guy is still in love with this city and decided to stick for a long time with this place.0: 00/4: 23 years ago, after quitting jobs in an agricultural and aquatic production company in Tien Giang, Truong Thanh Duy (25 years old, Hau Giang countryside) joined the two friends on the road to carry out the Xuyen Viet camp trip. This is a trip that he has been in a long time as a long plan. "From a young age, I loved to go to the sea, mountains and listened to the characteristic voice of each region

. I plan to go from the south to the North, return to Ho Chi Minh City in September to receive new jobs, "Duy share. But, the journey of Duy and two friends" break "by Covid-19 outbreaks, Complex movements in many localities. Duy was "stuck" in Da Lat from June 14 to now
"At that time, I could return to Hau Giang but I decided not to move to ensure the prevention of epidemics and safety for the family ", Duy said that nearly 3 months of staying in this foggy land, Duy has a chance to live slower, feel more and he decided to stay long with Da Lat - which has never thought Come before. These moments "Trieu View" about Da Lat ... Recently, Thanh Duy received great attention from the network community when regularly posted images, clips recorded daily life, moments The poetic nature of Da Lat. Many clips attract hundreds of thousands of views, even the millions of views.Duy acknowledged, the first time in Da Lat he had a bit sad, partly because of the absence of the city, air-cooled air, rain Many, in part because the tourism plan was well prepared. However, the boy also gradually practiced and tried to find interesting and new things. Nice weather days, Duy with you Camping, discovering several new, attractive locations like Me Linh area, golden stream, La Ba, Fire Road .
. once, when the group came to camps at the center of the city center. Having just finished the camp, the heavy rain came. "Horror rain, like pouring water, unbearable tent should be collapsed. Rain, hungry and the cold that makes me unable to forget ", shared. "The sudden thing is the short clip on the moment of flooding rain to make me wet getting up to 2.4 million views on Tiktok", Duy tria. Beautiful moments of Da Lat are shared Many lovers are a wet 9x boy because Da Lat's rain attracted 2.4 million views to regularly share the beautiful scenes of Da Lat during the absence of tourists. The scenery of the city is quiet, peaceful, causing many people to love Da Lat to remember. "These very short clips of the sunset moment through the city or fogful morning that I accidentally recorded all hundreds Thousands and millions of views ", Duy said. Praise and active encouragement from viewers is the driving force that likes to work with the work of tourism content on social networks to start Maze from college . Weekends or end-semester occasions, the group often drove a motorbike through many provinces such as Binh Thuan, Vung Tau, Tien Giang, Lam Dong, Khanh Hoa ..., Choose the absence, pristine to plug camp. The trips have made them learn many things, know more friends. I love Da Lat ... Time in Da Lat, Duy and the people who rent a small homestay-style villa near the center, the price is quite cheap In the epidemic season. The house has a living room, kitchen, 3 bedrooms, exercise spaces and a friendly dog. "Here she gets used to 2 more friends and lives in Homestay. In order to save costs, limit multi-person contact, we buy food, cook ", Duy said." Before quitting the job to go through Viet, I prepared a sufficient amount of money. Currently, because it does not move much so this money is still enough to pay for life in Da Lat, "Duy said. Duy's simple rice and group of friends in Da Lat days in Da Lat, Duy learn how to learn Live science more: exercise, dining right meals, learn more online courses.duy is also looking for a job related to agriculture, checking in Da Lat. In addition, he also worked through creative jobs on the social networking platform, to get more income. More than 2 months trapped, I realized I like this land. He shared the intention to live long and find a suitable job at the mountain town. "There are many job options related to their discipline. I used to be used to love cold air, this landscape landscape. Da Lat is also a place suitable for the content of yourself planning to make your social networking channel anymore, "said Duy. Duy excitedly said I learned how to look at the weather, remember the name and remember the name and Proficient The roads in the foggy city. After the Covid-19 translation is controlled, only will return to work. Trans-Vietnam trip will be suspended to a more suitable time.Minh Khoi (Photo: NVCC)

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