3 Mwg’s Website Is The Top 10 E-commerce Sites With The Highest Hits In Vietnam

According to the Iprice Insights market research unit, the second quarter / 2021, 3 Website of Mobile World Investment Joint Stock Company (MWG) includes thegioididong.com, dienmayxanh.com and bachhoaxanh.com to reach the top 10 e-commerce sites The most advanced in Vietnam. In Vietnam, in the group of electronics, the Thegioididong

.com website reached No. 1 with 36.27 million hits / month and dienmayxanh
com reached No. 2 with 21.33 million Visitors / month. In addition, bachhoaxanh.com reached 4.8 million hits / month and ranked in 5th in general group of goods. Overall item groups, both the above 3 websites of MWG are in the top 10 pages of e-commerce floor There are the highest hits in the second quarter of 2021 in the Vietnam market (Thegioididong.com ranked second, dienmayxanh.com ranked 3rd and bachhoaxanh.com ranked 10th)
Increased nearly 7 million visits of thegioididong.com and nearly 5 million turns of dienmayxanh.com have surpassed many famous e-commerce floors in the market, 6 times higher and nearly 4 times by the next position in the group Electronic goods. Ii / 2021 also acknowledged strong rise from the 5th place to the second place of dienmayxanh.com's general goods group, in the context of many online websites of the same type "short "Or just rise slightly. In that time, according to the 8/2021 statistics of SimilarWeb, thegioididong.com holds No. 1 position with 49.5 million hits, dienmayxanh.com holds the No. 3 position with 27.84 million Visitors T Rong electronic and technological groups in Vietnam market. At the same time, BachhooXanh.com gained hits from 10-60 times compared to other retailers with the same industry. SimilarWeb's Statistics in the technology retail industry can be said, making MWG's websites head names Books in the retail industry of technology are no stranger, but it is worth noting that the mobile world and green electrodes have grown at a rapid speed, increasingly far away from other retailers. dienmayxanh website. Com is simply invested, easy to buy in Nguyen Duc Tai - Chairman of MWG Board ever affirmed that e-commerce for MWG is not a "money burning" game to attract users but must create numbers. In order to affirm that, the mobile world and green electric machines have made efforts to enhance the customer's experience on online environment to retain customers. Especially, MWG has just launched the latest updated version with many Features targeting convenience. Procedure from the web to the web to select the goods to buy the optimization of the little clicks can be as simple as possible. At the same time, MWG also ensures that the customer has selected the product, the information needed The decision is fully displayed, from the specifications, photos, videos visually to the evaluation of the mobile world, green electronics, customer reviews bought and used products. In addition, the company also owns the optimal team of content, SEO so that customers are easily searching on Google. Union Literature Understanding Em - CEO Retail Chain World Mobile and Blue Electric Machine said: " The disease makes the site become the main tool to learn and make a decision to shop right on the online environment. We will continue to target customers in any form of shopping ".

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