3 Reasons Why Ultimune Is Always Best-seller In Essence Village

3 reasons why Ultimune is always Best-seller in the elite of life-based essence on a study that has been awarded the Nobel Chemistry award for the immunity of skin cells, Ultimune is always in the top of Shiseido's most famous products and Also one of the women's top choices when thinking of essence or booster. To explain the attraction of this product, beautiful will indicate 3 points that makes users the best in Ultimune. Fast osmosis thickening but very clear and light, Ultimune penetrates quickly and feels smooth, healthy right after applying. As a pioneered product for the booster trend, this structure of Ultimune allows you to use additional types of serums and creams right behind without causing seriousness or secret skin. Ultimune can use separate as a humid-level serum type and increase resistance, while the skin of dry, skin has many problems that need treatment such as darkness or aging can apply 2-3 more (or more So) Other nutrients to achieve their care needs

. The fragrance soothes the emotions with green grass plants blend with incense flowers to create a pleasant relaxation feeling, adding a little warm spice incense to Enhance energy for skin. This scent was developed according to Shiseido's Imulamcompound theory with the study, showing that relaxation would support resistance. Rose and lotus fragrance complexes in the formula plays a soothing emotional role
In addition, Huong Hoa Sen is also known for the ability to recover the natural protection fence of the skin. Strength protects cells from Nature Ultimune The second version was launched in 2018 Beautiful with the formula to take advantage of nature power from Lingzhi REISHI and the roots of the majestic tree. The combination of these two components supports the ability to constantly regenerate and nurture the natural elements of the skin. With the 3rd version has just launched, the natural strength in Ultimune is also upgraded again with addition Sung of two extracts of fisherman and peanut flowers. Extraction of fisherman workshops promoting circulation for a clear firm skin, while extracting floral fermented flowers provides abundant bacteria to enhance the protection from the skin inside. , the highlights of this latest version also located in the Lifeblood technology: Follow each body's beating circuit to protect immune cells, take care of each capillarium that is very easily lost due to a good aging Factors from outside. In addition, new formulas also have the ability to enhance self-protection energy of the skin in front of old cells. This 3rd Ultimune version is supposed to have double protection power compared to the previous version. Ultimune is currently sold for VND 2,950,000 / 50ml. Ou: Nice Beauty

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