3 Solutions To Help Families Limit Replications

3 Solutions help families limit conflicts against stress here, for work, parents have little time with their children. More than once the parents feel sorry and look forward to being closer to the child. Now that wish has become a reality, but in a real situation don't don't do it. At first, this was probably a "reluctant" opportunity to help her parents close to their children. But when the way to relax the way to apply to the second month, all suddenly turned into a headache

. Only around the house made her parents and children constantly facing each other. The changes of the opposite, now do not notice, suddenly become a prickly eye. The preliminary point, the elegant family has three major issues and some solutions included
Capture space here, the family is divided into some separate and general space. I occupied the kitchen, my father sat on a sofa or a coffee table, her children had a private world called "bedroom". To some extent, the whole family is not too distracted. Because there was a busy day, everyone wants the house to shelter. During the epidemic, parents and children at home 24/7. The sound of parents Meeting online overlapping children to learn online. The dining table or living room became a workplace of parents. Children cannot stay in the room forever. The television and telephone, the voices of members rushed throughout the day. And then, the old shelter becomes a nightmare
Solution: - Divide the main area of each member. For example, the living room is where the mother works. Bedroom is a place to meet online. Children learn online on their own rooms. Trying to go slightly when going through the non-mine area, to avoid making others SADY.- Sites the regulation of sound: Don't say the phone is too big, wearing a headset when listening to music, watching movies . Headache named "What to eat today?" Stretching the society to force the mother to force all 3 meals. The shop is closed, but even not, placing an outer food is also very difficult. Disease is the time when many mothers find inspiring cooking, but gradually inspiring are no longer available. Cooking on three meals, this week, the more weeks becomes more difficult when she has its own job. Solution: - The whole family cooks to avoid the feeling of body. - Avoid cooking starring dishes. In 3 meals, there are two simple meals but enough nutrition. - Share this issue with the whole family. Tell the other members to know the situation and emotions of themselves, thus it is more sympathetic. If someone is not easy for a long time, the episodes make many families to learn Understand each other from the beginning. My parents were the exemplary, but when the housing was reluctant to become their "social" office suddenly exposed. Meanwhile, the child is a teenager who also has erratic. Withstanding each other's character is also a great difficulty for the elegant seasonal families. Solution: - Limit quarreling or scolding the children. Occasionally, small arguments are not from anyone's mistake, the error is in the epidemic because it makes us unable to go to the road. Since then there are suitable amendments. Foundation: Hang Tran

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