3 Styles Of Self-suffering, Stuck

Human greed is extremely unknown if it comes to find it. For human needs and aspirations, this life doesn't seem to never have a full range of 0:00 to 1: 42 Nam Kieu people who cannot let go of this life, people have much kindness. We always feel lacking, have this and want to have another one. But the more you greedy causing the afflictions, the heart is tired. There are people who say that people cannot live without the lack of rice rice, if it easily renounces those needs? In fact, what Buddhism teaches a "let go" is not giving up; Do not greedily does not mean no effort and hard work

. Let go here is not about material, silver money but the mind of the mind, sorrowful. If you can't let go of them, those suspicious types will gradually poison your mind, making you no day Any peace. Let go away is really and lose to grace
Sowing good "multiplication" is not worried about having a bad "fruit" is no different from poison, it will kill you from any time, but people always want more, unknown happy only on This world when and only when people throw away excessive demands of personal desires. Many desires are hard, miserable. It is the rule. People who are constantly immersed in the past, do not stop in this life there are many things that happen incorrectly as our wishes. Sometimes we complain, sadness don't solve anything but also make myself more tired. Has been the past, it must let go, the more and more and do not live well now. Human If you go on life, live in regrets: regret the superiority of yourself in the past, regret the things that don't go to the place have been done, regret the glory, the claps of victory ... The whole life will torque not yet
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