3 Tips For Smartphone Protection

Smartphone is an excellent amazing tool in modern life but it is also fragile and needs to be protected 0: 00/1: 39 male smartphone is useful in each person everyday life, because it integrates multiple functions such as GPS directions, messaging applications that help connect with friends and family; The camera allows you to save memorable and video moments. However, to not break or corrupt the phone during use, you need to know some simple tips.xiaomi mi 11 5g discount 7.4 million dong in August smartphone does not like heat if the temperature increases , Do not let the phone contact directly with the sun. Do not leave the phone in places where heat holds such as glass or inside cars

. Above all, do not put smartphones on a surface tends to heat up. VSMART phone price in August 2021: Many strong discount products to do not break or damage the phone during use need to know one Simple tip number. The smartphone does not like cold as high temperature, the phone doesn't like cold
When using the phone in the mountains (or in the area too cold), it is better to turn off the phone when you are skiing and turn it back when you are in a warmer place. The phone will work better after that.Smartphone RAM 6 GB, the 120-Hz screen, 5,000 mAh battery, 50W charger, price nearly 10 million, the application of the app consumes a lot of energy. Use mobile phones, even in shade. The application on the phone needs a lot of energy, so the best way is to close each application and place the phone in the aircraft mode. This will help phones without risks and will help save and extend the battery life. The price of Android tablet prices in August 2021: Lightweight discount Que Anh / VOV

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