3 Types Of ‘extremely Toxic Rice’, Though They Are Absolutely Not Eaten

Rice is a common food, but there are 3 absolute types of rice not to eat if they don't want cancer and many diseases otherwise. It is really important because rice is the main food source. Meals can sometimes be absent from vegetables, meat dishes but certainly cannot be missing rice. However, not any type of rice is safe to eat, whether others are given to see the market below This is the best you should not buy even though it's cheap, because they have the risk of carcinogenicity. The aromatic aromatic impregnation when cooked up is always the favorite rice of many families, originating from real That teacher, many poor prestigious production facilities have met the types of additives and flavorings for rice to be more fragrant

. However, we must know that flavoring is a synthetic chemical, its harm It is undeniable, if consuming too much will also harm the liver and kidneys. To avoid encountering this type of rice, when you choose to buy rice, you can pick up a grip of rice to bring near the nose to smell, if rice There is a strange aroma or after putting the rice down and your hand is still a strange aroma, it is best not to buy. "Genuine" aroma is a gentle, fresh aromatic rice, feeling like a taste sweet t Hanh
Many landmark people still conceive the landmark rice is only the landmark outside, Vo carefully, the filter is still eating normally without any influence. However, the clean rice surface does not mean that rice is no longer toxic to the human body. The mold of rice is because aspergillus flavus has grown in it, which removes it from rice almost impossible , including cooking at high temperatures.Aspergillus flavus will create aflatoxin toxins, not only can cause poultry death, livestock but also cause cancer for the human body with a small amount, with a large amount of death Vong is very high. If unfortunately eat right, mold will harm your intestinal and stomach, liver kidneys, very harmful to the health of the body. Notice with the naked eye with streaks, black blue or purple spots stand out on white rice background. However, whitening mold rice and rice wax are not as simple as such as normal rice, landmark rice has been bleached and impregnated with the appearance it looks perfect, even for people to feel that rice very safe. Especially young people, they like to use rice that looks beautiful, white. There are liquid paraffin used to make rice wax derived from segmented products of oil compounds, yes It can cause strong irritation for human guts and stomachs. Long-term consumption can be uncomfortable for the stomach and symptoms such as gastritis, intestinal tract
do, best when going to buy rice, don't choose rice types that look too sleek, white Because like humans, the rice particles are nothing "Ten integrity ten". According to MASE / VietnamNet

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