3 Ways To Cook Juicy Pumpkin Soup, Nutritious Day Of The East

Here are 3 ways to cook pumpkin soup delicious, home help more attractive tray in the early days was a red dong.Bi nutritious foods, vitamins and calcium-rich bones and brain benefit, help eyesight . Pumpkin can be cooked many delicious dishes such as pumpkin soup, pumpkin porridge, tea, pumpkin pie ..

. Today Emdep.vn will share with you 3 ways to cook pumpkin soup delicious, help tray the more hot attractive in the first days of winter: soup with pumpkin stew xuongNguyen lieu800gr secret do500gr bone heoRau cilantro, scallions, toiGia viCanh pumpkin stew xuongCach soup pumpkin stew xuongBuoc 1: Wash thitCho bone meat in brass and bone washed with salt water for 3 minutes. Then rinse with cold water, drain nuoc
Buoc 2: thitCho bone marinated in spices bowl in the order as follows: 1 teaspoon salt, ½ tablespoons sugar, ½ tablespoon seasoning seeds, 1/2 teaspoon water sauce, 1 little ground pepper and then mix together, chilled flesh within 20 phut.Buoc 3: Preliminary processing of vegetables, meat soaked while waiting cuTrong spices, garlic minced we proceed and scallions. pumpkin peel. When peeled pumpkin should wear gloves to avoid hand stick, hard wash clean. After finishing rinse pumpkin peel and cut into pieces just anBuoc 4: Cooked pumpkin soup stew xuongDau would first sauté pork bone broth prior to more fragrant. 2 tablespoons of oil in a pot, wait until oil is hot, the garlic and 1 section for the scallions in the non-aromatic. Then the bone meat and stir until meat hunting sufficient again, then pour in 1 liter of water and cover again, small fire pit in 30 phut.Vot away the bubbles rise to the water when boiling water is in than. After 30 minutes, the pumpkin and cook for another 10 minutes. Stewed pumpkin is tender enough, not to be RUC
Tasting for both oral and off bep.Thanh pumpkin soup phamVay the bone tunnel was completed. You ladled soup into the bowl, for the first few remaining green onions, 1 pepper, 1 few stalks cilantro on top is you can enjoy right then. Pumpkin soup bone stew served with salty fish sauce, can be put in first few spicy pepper pieces to increase. Wish you success with soup pumpkin stew bone nhé! Soup with pumpkin cooked beans phongNguyen data: Pumpkin: 500gDau peanuts: 100gXuong pig: 300gTieu: ½ teaspoon pheMuoi: 2 teaspoons pheSup oil: 1 muongNgo hemp, vegetable NgocAnh Bothered beans cooked pumpkin soup pumpkin as peanuts: Preliminary materials peanut pumpkin soup - pumpkin peel, remove the intestines, wash, slice vuong.- soaked peanuts or eggs for boiling water peel and peel lua.Gia stamping lac.- coriander, cilantro washed, cut nho.- bones boil 1 times with water and then washed several steps lan.Cac peanut pumpkin soup: step 1: bones to touch on security with about 1.5 liters of water, add 1 teaspoon of salt, 1 teaspoon seasoning seeds to a boil and then simmer for about 30 minutes for security nhu.Buoc 2: for pumpkin to boil and then to small mysterious fire for about 10 minutes for tender. spice seasoning to taste and then for cilantro, parsley on and off bep.Canh pumpkin soup raw meat bamNguyen pumpkin: Pumpkin: 400gThit lean minced: 200gGia taste: salt, sealing beads, road, ship and scallions hanhMui .Canh pumpkin soup cooking pumpkin meat bamCach ngonBuoc 1: Prepare pumpkin pumpkin on your purchase doSau when peeling the shell, washed, chopped into bite-size pieces an.Buoc secret 2: Prepare onion, vegetables and leaves muiHanh you bring cilantro cut into pieces washed nho.Buoc 3: Preparation thitThit you entered bowl lean minced spicy, you give a little chopped green onion in a little pepper ½ teaspoon sugar 1 pinch of salt after that you mix them together and the mixture marinate for about 15 minutes for the meat absorbed in vi.Buoc 4: Saute the meat absorbed thitSau spices, you get a pot on a stove, a little oil in, boil for cooking oil heats up and then you give a little practice on the non-aromatic, then this meat mixture to fry until meat is cooked you chin.Khi meat for the pot about 3 large bowl of water raised lighters kettle for boiling water, burners u standard in the boiling process you regularly Skim to make delicious soup pot add water without duc.Buoc 5: Cook the pumpkin soup boil water doQuan seen, you all share the secret to the pot continue cooking about 5 minutes until the pumpkin is cooked and soft loud. After conducting your own pumpkin spice tasting again to taste, the next you for the scallions and cilantro prepared in a pot and then turn off the island quickly bep.Buoc 6: Completion and reward thucSau when cooked soup, ladle soup into us a large bowl, add a little pepper puree on so we just enjoy this dish alone. You can share your success with rice trang.Chuc with 3 way this pumpkin soup! Portuguese (Synthesis) Photo: Collectibles

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