3 Ways To Keep Lipstick Longer All Day Even When You Wear A Mask

Here are some ways to help you keep your lipstick durable, long time even when wearing a mask page.0: 00/1: 25 nam1. Use a lipstick to keep lipsticks without drift and blur around the lips, use lipstick in a smart way. You can use lipstick or lingerie (Primer) - Face cream - to apply to your face lips, then apply powder before applying lipstick.2

.Thoa lip cosmetic classes according to the level of illustration. The first and most important decision to keep lipstick long is you need to understand that not just Applying a lipstick is enough. Inside, you need to apply many different products in the same order
First you have to have a clean and dry lips. Then fill a layer of lips with colors that coincide with lipstick colors. Then, apply lipstick, use absorbent tissue, then apply to the second class. The decision here is a wax formula of lose Thicker grip for lipsticks to stick longer. Then it is the first class to allow lipstick absorbing into the lining to keep the lipstick. Finally, apply the second lipstick to perfect the lipstick. Then you can use concealer to sharpen the lips. Using the concealer around the lips will help lipsticks not get outwards. Using lipstick MatteChuat, you need to pay attention to your own son. Lip gloss is often sticking and drifting more
Because use lipaters or lipstick when wearing a mask. Choose a high-pigmentate water pattern but not to use lips that make lips too dry. Select Son Matte containing vegetable essential oils to help lip and protect lips. According to Hoang Nguyen / New family

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