30 Years ‘carrying Countryside To The Street’

At the foot of Hung Loi Bridge (Ninh Kieu District), there is a point of selling coconut water. The countryside is sold in the heart to attract many people to find. It is also a profession of living for the past 30 years of a family Choose Can Tho CAN THAN NOW.02: 00/3: 02 nam Banh Hoa Hoa to sell coconut water for guests. Popular water in the Southwest, especially the Province: Tra Vinh, Soc Trang, Ca Mau, Bac Lieu, Hau Giang

... Easily caught the image of the immense coconut fields, Vully running along the river in the West
Coconut leaves are used for roofing, leaf waves for leaves or firewood. Particularly, coconut fruit is a rustic dish, from the "play" of the country's house is now specialty in town. Coconut fruits when edible are split, take spoones of bowel (rice) to eat. Water coconut rice can be eaten right now, but it is more delicious, making a little more sugar, adding cold stones. More strike, coconut rice is used to cook tea, making a special dish. Coconut water so that many people are loved by many people. Many places sell coconut water in the foot of Hung Loi Bridge, Road 3 February, Nguyen Van Cu Street ... are sold by her children
Ms. Hoa said, her hometown in Long My, Hau Giang, grew up from the coconut coconuts of thousands of small sutra. Then she married, the children were born but in the countryside, there was no cultivated land, the poverty scene, so his wife and children were shocked on the small boat, leaving the countryside to the Can Tho. Without a job, there was no capital, Ms. Hoa went to break the vegetables, her husband to catch fish and snails sold over the day. Then she happened to see the boat to drive coconut sold. She went back to learn and decided to buy to sell. The profession of "carrying his hometown to the street" starting from there, so far has been seen 30 years. Deadly, Ms. Hoa and 6 children also lived by sea coconut selling. Now, in addition to Ms. Hoa also has 5 children, strawberries and abstinoses in this profession. Ms. Tran Thi Ngoc Giai, Ms. Hoa's second daughter-in-law, said: When the married couple will not know what to do, Mother transmits the job and cedes the place for sale. This profession is not rich but enough to eat, stable income. Mr. Nguyen Bach Nhan, Mrs. Hoa's third son-in-law sold in Hung Loi Bridge on the banks of Cai Rang District, with a large scale. In order to serve market demand, Mr. Nhan also hires local workers at splitting and scooping coconut rice. Each person is a stage, evenly handing its hands to have products sold to visitors. Kim Hoa is said, coconut water counters are bought from traders from Ke (Tra Vinh), Long Phu, Dai Ngai ( Soc Trang). On average, 100 coconut counters are bought for 1.1 million dong, leaving sharing, selling about 2 million VND. When selling expensive, about 3 days, slow, 4-5 days. With such income, it is not much but can cover the popular life of small families. During the year, the monthly seasons when coconut water "burned goods" but to the rainy season like the present, coconut water a lot but it was delicious.30 years of attachment to coconuts, Ms. Hoa just looked to know the counter Coconuts are eaten or have hard, or young. The rough hand, a lot of coconut plastic water and the children show everyone's seniority. The motivation makes Ms. Hoa and the children stick with coconut fruits in the affection of buyers. "Many people find themselves selling coconuts, they miss their homeland. Many people talked about themselves and were eating in the old days. Hearing them say so I'm happy, "Ms. Hoa said.

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