3,000 Afghan People Suddenly Were Fired Off The Residence

Sources said thousands of Afghan people on September 14 went down to the Taliban after being asked to leave the house for soldiers in Kandahar.0: 00/1: 30 namreauters derivative source The news said many people gathered in front of the provincial house of Kandahar after the Taliban asked about 3,000 residents to leave the area for the Afghanistan armed forces member and the family living. Local communication recorded the crowd scene Opposing the Taliban blocked a road right in the second largest city in Southwest Asia. People went down to Kandahar (Afghanistan) on September 14. Photo: Reuters

. The affected people are the retired military generals and members of Afghan security forces. Many families have lived in this area for about 30 years. A local person said they were asked to leave for a period of 3 days
The Taliban spokesman had not responded to the information above. From when the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan nearly a month ago, many counterattacks For Muslim guns ended after some deadly clashes. The Taliban is committed to investigating cases of power abuse. This group also asked people to ask for permission before helping marching. The United Nations on September 10 said the Taliban's reaction to the peaceful activities of people became more and more violent.ravina Shamdasani, The United Nations spokesman, said the United Nations has recorded 4 Afghan people killed in the past. "We see the Taliban's reaction very seriously," Shamdasani said. United Nations also received a newspaper Fox about Taliban's home examination for marchers while some news journalists were also threatened by the group, Ms. Shamdasani said. The Taliban gun was overwhelmed when entering the former vice president's mansion The 150 Taliban soldiers were arranged in the former vice president Afghanistan Abdul Rashid Dostum, who had left the country at the time of Kabul falling

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