35 Days Detox Skin Of Lady U30: Face Stretching Ball, Ruddy, Acne ‘no Wing But Flying’

The perspective of a mother diaper milk, the skin detox from the new varieties of vegetable vegetables is the safe treatment of acne, the safest nursing 9: 00/3: 16 Southern region when the skin has a problem, especially acne Fish eggs, the first of the sisters is to learn immediately an acne cream or a specialized Skin Care course to treat this situation. But this mother's own U30 chooses how to change the diet to treat acne, skin care. If such as skincare applies to the skin, choose a detox diet again from deep inside The point of a mother's mother's mother, this is how to treat acne, the safest care of the character: Full name: Pham Thi Lai (28 years) is currently a mother 1 skin condition before therapy: Acne skin - Dull skin-skinned skin ..

. Treatment: Detox skin and body in 35 days always want to share with Eat Clean journey sisters with vegetable fruits Help Mother Bim Milk U30 as I first said No: Acne skin, dull skin, skin lacks vitality ..
This is my skin after 35 days detox with vegetable vegetables. Maintain 3 cups of vitamins at the sub-meal after eating. Each cup is about 300ml and I drink for 35 days, see the changes of the skin. I want to drink different vitamin colors because I find out, each color of the fruit will bring the uses Awesome: Acne Treatment, Light Skin, Anti-Aging, Blurred Deep, Scar ... * Blue Smoothie: Purification, Toxicity, Burning Material: Wealth Kale, Strawberry, Butter, Banana. * Red Dragon Smoothies: Beautiful Skin, Young Young Material: 300ml Apple Water Kale Red Dragon fruit. * Golden vitamin C. Vitamin C: Anti-aging, Enhancing resistance to material: 1 Mango 1 Orange * Smoothie Pink: Help beautiful skin, purification, children with material: strawberries, apples, kallabalmal skin all acne, smooth smooth; The physique changed significantly reduced 3kg after 35 days Detox continuous smoothie for 35 days, his body was relieved, alert must be up after each smoothie
In particular, I see the skin stretched, brighter and the dampnesses gradually. The most concerned problem is acne, after 35 days is also significantly improved, the skin is clean, smoother; The feeling of skin is also more moist to be much smooth than a lot of things to get a smooth skin after 35 days detox with vegetables and vegetables. - Evening, I also choose diverse foods and try to process simple and pure, limit grease, fast food or bottled freshwater ... In addition to the change of skin, physique I am also a lot more neat before. The compact belly, fat thighs, calf biceps are much more compact. I also decreased by about 3kg after 35 days detox skin and body. Maximum Skincare cosmetics thanks to maintaining detox body in the 35-day detox, skincare steps are very simple, in addition to cleaning skin Kidneys only apply less essential oils and moisturizers. My skin improves much due to diet and detox presentation with vegetables and vegetables so I also save quite a pretty money for Skincare cosmetics. With a mother's mother's mother, instead of investing cosmetics, I choose how to eat science both good for health, physique and beautiful skin. Every day I have yoga about 20-30 minutes. Yoga does not only help lose weight women can also improve the skin's firmness and toughness, maintaining beauty of women.

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