35 Suggestions Help You Work Effectively

Book 'Advantage every day' instructions on how to concentrate, allocate time, plan, to improve performance in work.0: 00/3: 14 nam nuoc how to improve work efficiency There is still time for entertainment and other relationships that are concerned by many people. David Horsager's advantage of 35 ways to increase labor productivity. From the beginning of the book, the author explains "the advantage every day" is the benefit or advantage of achieving when knowing the priorities Head and effort every day to act for those priorities. Plans advantage every day

. Photo: T. V. Enter the plan, prioritizing the importance to achieve a certain achievement, the author recommends a speed plan for 90 days
Many people think that to form a habit, it is necessary to maintain something in 21 days. But 90 days is a short enough time to concentrate highly and long enough to do more than normal things that remain in the whole year. After having a 90-day speed plan, you must make these Actions make a difference. Every morning, you can write the current important goal in the order of priority, important jobs. To take these different actions, the author recommends to have "power hours", spending every day One hour in the morning to focus on resolving urgent tasks. Besides planning for three months, the author also advises short-term planning, tomorrow's work to plan today. Spend the last 15 minutes of working days to plan and set priority for the activities of the next day. This helps program small steps to success and also avoids forgetting important tasks and appointments . The author quoted Brian Tracy words in the book to effectively at work: "Every minute you are planning to plan to save an average of nearly 10 minutes when implementing". Working effectively is not only focused Jobs, are always ready, assertive and act quickly, but also have to arrange, allocate work according to your energy
"Understanding yourself can increase your productivity significantly. The secret is to complete the tasks in time. When did you find yourself in the best state? "The author asked questions. Since then, he suggests the use of the time that we are fully energetic to solve jobs and projects that need efforts. Effective workflow does not recommend only work methods and loans So every day also states specific skills such as using phones, e-mail, cleaning workspace ... e-mail is a means of communication, convenient work, but can still be troublesome. Notice of letters to suddenly caused people to distract. Too many e-mails are filled with users to take time to read and filter. Article to do is the response, handle mail in the fastest possible time; Use the main folder and subdirectory to store mail; Mark, flagged to track messages with work schedules. Excuse desktop is also a way to help the mind be clear, increase concentration. A work desk flooded the report, papers, memorandum paper ... are things that make me distracted. The author's advice is to solve a set of records, books or something placed on the desk . Spend a few minutes a day to clean the desk to work orderly. There are vacant compartments to store records, papers that may be used in the future. The advantage of each day has a clear layout. Book divided into 35 parts, each part is a "tip", going from the overall to the detailed method to improve the performance of work. Each "Tips" works again by the authorities into three parts: the first part said About the effects of working methods, the middle part is how to apply that method into work; The last part is the inspirational saying, withdrawal related to the new method .Y: Freepik

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