375 Volunteers In Thai Binh Participated In The Phase Of 2 Vaccines Covivac

In the afternoon of 19-8, more 19 volunteers in Vu Thu District, Thai Binh Province was injected with a Covivac vaccine in phase 2. This is a Covid-19 room vaccine by the Institute of Vaccine and Medical Biology (IVAC) of the Ministry of Health of the Health, production and the second vaccine of Vietnam to be clinically tested on humans, after Nano Covax of Nanogen Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Joint Stock Company. Chewy Injection Vaccine Covivac in the afternoon of 19-8.O, in 2 days 18 and 19-8, there were a total of 131 people injecting 1 Covivac phase 2.Covivac in the Institute of Vaccine and Medical Biology (IVAC) of the Ministry of Medicine Research development from May 5-2020

. In phase 1, this vaccine is assessed to achieve good safety, tolerance, immunity. Phase 2 was implemented in Vu Thu District, Thai Binh Province with the participation of 375 volunteers. The goal of phase 2 studies and clinical trials of CVIVAC vaccines to assess safety and ability to use Loads of two 3MCG and 6MCG formulas selected
Each volunteer was injected with 2 nases, 28 days from 375 people were divided into 3 age groups, including: from 18-39 years; From 40-59 years old and from 60 years of age or older, divided into 3 groups for randomized test injection ratio 1: 1: 1, including: 125 people vaccination Covivac dose level 3mcg, 125 people vaccine Covivac doses 6mcg and 125 people vaccinated Astrazeneca (made in Japan). The work card of the Ministry of Health checks for anti-shocking drugs at the CVIVAC vaccine test site in the afternoon of 19-8.O, in phase 2 Research and trial clinical Vaccines Covivac, instead of using placebo to inject the control group (such as stage 1), the team replaced by Astrazeneca vaccination. This aims to control the immunity of two vaccines. This method is also used by a number of countries in the Covid-19 vaccine development. There is a face at the Covivac vaccine test in the afternoon of 19-8, Deputy Minister of Health Tran Van Thuan said 11-2021 There will be the initial results of phase 2 clinical trials. The authorities will evaluate immediately, if the results are good, choose the appropriate dose and affirm the initial immunity to immediately deploy the phase 3. If good evaluation, December-2021 will have results Initially of phase 3. "If the vaccine proves the safety, the high immunity, initially shows the effectiveness of the moral council in biomedical and councils Permissions for review and licensing in emergency conditions ", Deputy Minister of Health Tran Van Thuan said that, the Ministry of Health is also a maximum effort to bring the Covid-19 vaccine as soon as possible, as much as possible. It is expected that in August and 9-2021, there are about 10-15 million doses per month
In the fourth quarter of 2021, it is expected that the number of vaccines to Vietnam will be more, possibly from 20-50 million doses per month.Step 1: Visit https://www.bluezone.gov.vn or directly Download at the App Store or Ch Play.Step 2: After downloading, the application will require to allow Bluetooth use to record contact with other Bluezone installed users. If you haven't opened Bluetooth, drag the status notification bar and turn on Bluetooth; Or go to the installation, select Bluetooth and pop up. NEWS 3: After the installation is complete, click Scan around. If someone is near you under 2m has used Bluezone, the application will automatically identify these users and put it in contact list.

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