3d Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor Of Iqoo 8 Pro Super Fast

Vivo said IQOO 8 Pro has a 3D ultrasonic fingerprint sensor and recently gives us a clear view of this sensor as well as other features. Specifically, Iqoo 8 Pro ultrasonic fingerprint sensor occupies Area of 578 mm square, much larger than other products in the market. The test shows that the fastest recognition machine ever seen on smartphones. In addition, Iqoo 8 Pro's 3D ultrasonic fingerprint sensor is easy to set with only one second. This is a much greater improvement than current solutions including physical fingerprint sensors, you will have to touch the sensor multiple times with different parts of fingers to save all positions that Van Hand can touch

. In the same time, IQOO 8 people don't have an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor that is only a regular voice but it still identifies super fast and loses only a bit compared to Iqoo 8 Pro. Thus, besides the top hardware, the iqoo 8 duo is still outstanding at the ability to recognize fingerprints, hoping to be on this duo hand in the earliest time. Gizmochina

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