4 Characteristics Identify People With Good Dignity

In this world, people are worthwhile for everyone who is unreasonable to be a person who has a millionth, nor will it be more accused than people, but must be a good dignity. : 00/4: 37 Southern people with good dignity to think about others, do not push others into an awkward situation. They do nor do they take care of their own benefits, so make others trust. They also did not harm the deception, so it made others safe when they were on the side. In general, people who understand and comply with the following 4 rules are certain that are good dignitaries

.1. Drinking water remember the source, grateful to notify the assignment between people and people, remember and pay the grace of others to be extremely important. Grateful and gratitude can help the relationship between people with long-term, nice people
In contrast, ungrateful people, always make others uncomfortable, do not want to assign, and do not want to be close to close. Those who like that they are also people who think for others before thinking of themselves, are the German people, are the tortoners that people often admire. People have a sentence: "hue in mindfulness, gratitude Macays ", meaning to do good do not need to think, yes grateful people don't forget. There are also sentences: "Chu Thuy Chi An, Dung Tuyen in response", meaning that even though small grace like a drop of water, it is impossible to watch it as a stream, the river, by "a piece of hungry With a package when there is "so. The gratitude is grateful, grateful to the birth, grateful for all things, who understand the morality of nature, moral morality. Thus people know how to cultivate, living in nature, in accordance with the religion, are the intellectuals, so his life's life is natural, lucky. It is also the blessing of gratitude. Those people are worthwhile for us to assign and learn.2. Keeping the promise, never faithful people with a good dignity must be the one who knows the promise, respecting the promise to others
Once they agreed to promise others, he would find a way to do it. If the situation is uncertain, they are also absolutely not in the tangerine but let go of the promise. In the creditor, the ancient people said: "People who don't keep their trust, do not know can become a person." The credentials are the second life of people, sometimes sometimes a nation's lives. People who do not hold credit are permanently have true friends, also cannot achieve their careers. A trader based on a deception to harm others, only earn some of the time without becoming real precious. A person who does not have an educator can also blade the sport but once everyone who knows his true level will no longer have anyone fascinated by those words. A leader who speaks does not hold the credibility, the person under the right will not be loyal, not to keep the credit with them anymore. So, things that are based on faith, they cannot long-term. The words are informed, treating people with the limit of saying that it is easy to hurt the other person. Therefore, people spoke like a blade. A good words made others warm, but a malicious words will make the opponent hurt lifelong. Therefore, the old people have sentences: "A few years of study says, silent life". Good dignity will think for others, so they don't use words to dig deep, deep into good defects omission of others. Their words are about ink, honest without collapsing, gently without flatting, frankly without harshness. They are also absolutely not to say the secretion of other people's secretions. Really, people when working, do not do too much, see others' fault should not criticize the crowd, the words So extreme levels, with progressive, flexible handling, both can solve the complex problem can give themselves a way out of the following. Words are informed, treated with limited people The degree, not great love is leaving another person a path, is also not to fall into a scene. Those who understand this are people with nutrition, profound, worthwhile with delivery.4. Without the benefit of the person, it is not afraid of suffering from disadvantages, not to literally, is a generator, a nice dignity. Thus people, in all relationships that make others trust and peacefully. Modern Society, many people think that people feel good without giving themselves, suffering from others who are foolish. But the truth is careful carefully, we can see even if someone can capture anything, it can't be because it gets peace. Getting a loss of loss of honest. Getting the reputation, loss of people. Getting love, losing awake. Appropriating the things of others, the mind will be insecure, uneasy. Phap is things when

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