4 Delicious Dishes

Coffee processing according to the formula below is not complicated that is particularly delicious.0: 00/4: South Vietnam grilled grilled salt illustration. Photo Source: Internet Data: 500 grands of beads of 50 grands of 50 grands of chili 1 g: 1 tablespoon 1 tablespoon of 1 tablespoon of wedge 1 tablespoon to eat 1 cupRau 50 grass bitter 50 gra, wash with cleaning, washing with salt water Dilute to reduce the smell. Fresh vegetables, bitter vegetables, vegetables with cleansing, drain, horns, peppers washed, granulate, crushed with grain salt and spices (1 tablespoon salt seeds, 1/2 tablespoon road, 1/2 tablespoon of fish sauce, 1/2 tablespoon of sweet powder). The contract is marinated with salt and peppers just retired for about 15-20 minutes for the spices

. After surrounding the skewers on the rod, the coal oven was pink. Give strews to the grill, become the faces for fish nine evenly and don't burn. Grilled fish about 7-10 minutes is ripe
During the grill used to scan a layer of oil so that the fish did not dry. Photo source: Internet Data: 300g Fish 01 cup of coconut water purple, chili, pepper, sugar, salt, fish sauce ... How to do: Fish buy and wash with salt, so clean for fish out of viscous fish. Then rinse with warm water vinegar, drain. Next to prepare fish marinated spices include: 3 pure purple onion, 2 chili peppers, 2 tablespoons of sand sugar (depending on the taste can be added or less), 1/2 teaspoon salt, 1 tablespoon of cooking oil, 1 teaspoon of pepper, 2 tablespoons of fish sauce. All mixes in fish and simmer. Wait for fish permeability for about 30 minutes. Use the soil pot to turn on the big fire kitchen, for 1 tablespoon of cooking oil and for 1 tablespoon of sand sugar soup, wait for the self-soluble sugar with a fresh yellow, give garlic into the purple onion For fragrance, then put the fish in the pot
Leads for a big fire to fire for about 3 minutes for the hunting fish and then add a cup of coconut water, wait until boiling, turning a small fire. Warehouse for about 30 minutes is the bugs, the water of the fish is turning off the kitchen, eating with very delicious hot rice. Photo Source: Internet Raw: Fresh Fish: 400grau Punching: 50 Family: 2 Purple Purple Ganh: 2 White, Vinegar or Fresh Lemon To Clean the Spices Used Fish Warehouse: Cooking Oil, Coconut Water, Pepper, Road , fish sauce made: vegetables picked up old roots and leaves, rinse and drain. You take one-third of the Thai friction vegetables, the remaining 2/3 left a little bigger. Fresh washing, remove stalks, remove seeds, sliced slicing. Purple purple peeled, smashing, chopping. The fish are rich and lose the smell, the fish marinens are very important. You give fish into a small pot or pot, marinated fish with a little seasoning seeds, minced purple, thin peppers and small Thai friction. Mix the raw materials, marinated fish at least about 30 minutes and then cook. If you have more time, you can give fish into the refrigerator 2 - 3h to marinate but the fish are still fresh. After all the marinating time, you take the fish out. Prepare a pot of soil to fish warehouse (use any pot but the most delicious is the repository with a soil pot). First, you take ½ of the remaining vegetables with the bottom of the pot, in turn folding fish into the pot, Pour the spice water in the same with 1 tablespoon of delicious fish sauce, then turn on the stove. When the fish pot boiled up, you add about a boiling water, twisting the water, cooking a little more and tasted the medium spices Eat, then open the pot of pot and the small fireplace until you run out of water (open the warehouse for a stronger fish meat). Fish on the fire until the water is nearly empty, for a small spoon of cooking oil, a small spoon of water Fish sauce and the remaining vegetables in the kitchen, then turn off the kitchen, sprinkle on the grinding pepper up and then north. Add cooking oil in this step will help the fish have a very attractive aroma. The fried frying is illustrated. Photo source: internet material: 200gr chicken eggs1 / 2 bowl fried fried bowls3 kumquat lightheaded lighthead1 Road soup1 red chili 1 teaspoon green onion granium1 spoon soup fish sauce to do: clean the fish, cut the fin and tail , Drain. Dissolve chicken eggs, dip fish into eggs and roll over fried powder, so that powder sticks evenly on fish. Fry in a lot of oil until nine gold. Take out, drain oil. Take the reinstall, pour fish sauce and put the road, mix the mixture for your mouth. Red peppers and purple onions are grinded. According to sunflower / consumer

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