4 Delicious Dishes From The Pig Tongue, Making Salty Or Aims Of The Top!

Pig tongue is a non-bone, rather soft and crunchy unit, which can be processed as many rich dishes. Pigs are non-bone parts, quite soft and crunchy, can be processed many items Eat rich. You may have known delicious dishes from pork like: ribs, stir-fried ribs, barbecue ..

. are too familiar and boring, so try to try delicious dishes from the pig tongue for both Home Enjoy it! Pig blade rim water Data: - 1 pcs pig tongue-1 fresh coconut - seasoning seeds, soy sauce, sugar-powder five flavor, garlic, chili-vinegar, salt riding riding water rim water Pig rim coconut water: Step 1: You wash the pig blade with vinegar and salt then heat a pot of boiling water, let the pork tongue blanching about 3 minutes out of a clean shave, cut the pieces and then eat. 1 tablespoon of incense, 1 tablespoon of sugar, 1 tablespoon seasoning seeds, pepper. Marinated for about 10 minutes for spice absorption
Step 3: Africa of shredded garlic and stir-fry the pig tongue for fragrance, wedge 2 tablespoons of soy sauce. The hunting tongue for chili, coconut water into RIM. Nerverly pork on spices and shallow coconut water, and wedge for medium is to turn off the kitchen. Sce-4: Raise with a plate, use with hot rice or bread Delicious. Riding stir-fried pork chilli Data: 1 Pig blade - 1/4 bowl of grilled lemongrass-salt, seasoning seeds, fish sauce, green onion, coriander, vinegar, garlic, chili. Stir-fried pork chili: Step 1: - Pigs rinse, put in a boiling water with a small spoon of vinegar, boiled about 5 minutes. - Lemongrass for bowls, peppers of small Thai fruit. Pigs, shaved white parts under the pork tongue to be clean, rinse, drain, cut into slices and eat. Because of the 3: - Heat the cooking oil, fragrant garlic, next for lemongrass and chili into fried fried. : - Since the tongue of pigs into stir-fry, wedge a little salt, fish sauce, seasoned seeds for medium tastes, stir-fried about 8-10 minutes, turn off the kitchen, add onion, thaily steward
: Pig blades, onions, vinegar, white sugar, soy sauce, minced garlic, sesame oil and salt pepper. Riding grilled pigs make baked pig tongue: with b tongue h Waist, first of all washing with water and then boiled about 15 minutes. Take it out and shave clean white membranes above the tongue face, rinse again and cut the tongue out in half. Let the pig tongue into a disk plug-in deeply to marinate. You give soy sauce, salt, pepper, sugar, garlic and sesame oil and marinated. Leave the pig tongue in such a state about 30 minutes. After being marinated with enough time and you skewed the blade in the rod or into the grill on the coal fire for the ripe blade, gold and aroma. Through the tongue to the tongue is cooked. With onions with onions, you can peel, rinse, cut the slices to eat and marinate with vinegar and a little sugar for about 20 minutes for all constants. Clear the onions with the grilled pig blade on the plate. Cut the pig tongue into a small piece after grilling. You can invite friends to make this dish so that Lai Rai is also very suitable. Ride a spicy pigdown: Raw material: - 500g Pig blade - 150g onions - 1 fragrant - 1 fragrant - 100g lemon- 100g road - 75ml fish sauce - garlic, chili, vinegar make a spicy pig tongue: - Pigs are cleaned, boiled, to cool, sliced.- Peeled onion peeled, washed, Thai pieces, soaked in water with vinegar Street. Garlic, chopped chili. Vegetables, roots, rinse, rinse, drain, tangled. - Lemon twins horizontally, squeezing water, combing through the sieve, grain, take about 100ml of lemon juice. - Mix the whole blade with onions West, lemon, sugar, fish sauce, chili. Finally mix extra garlic, chili, herbs and coriander. However (synthesis) Photo: Collectibles

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