4 Delicious Dishes Have Just Tonic From Pigeons, The Simple Way To Change The House

Dove is that the material is too familiar because the nutritiousness is extremely large but also processing a lot of different and delicious dishes Different <: 00/6: 20 namchim pigeons dove honey Raw material: bird Young pigeon has cleaned clean: 5 honey: 30ml Five flavor: 1 pack of garlic, dry onion, spice, seasoning seeds, sugar, cooking oil., dry onion, garlic, clean, clean, chopped. For dried onions, garlic, lemongrass, five flavored, 1 teaspoon of sugar, 1 teaspoon of spices and honey on the bowl. The mixed mixture is used to marinate the dove. With such a mixing way, you can apply when marinating quail, chicken, duck meat, ngan

.. to fry, turning will be very delicious, spices absorbably, when nine finished products are very brown Beautiful, the dosage of marinated spices for about 1kg of raw materials.chim pigeon has cleaned clean, to be drained, pouring the mixture of fever and mixed into, using a wide turn of a few turns for the whole body and absorbing Into the belly of the bird
Sealed the bowl of birds with a food-wrapped membrane, stored in the refrigerator cooler to the birds of spices at least 4 hours. In case you marinated chicken, the whole duck so marinated to overnight in the new refrigerator compartment suffered spices enough. After it was enough to marinate for spice bird meat, you quit the bowl of birds out about 30 Minutes for birds back to room temperature. Leave the bird bowl, enter the microwave to rotate at the highest heat level for 5 minutes. Let the bird bowl for a 10-minute break, continue to spin in the microwave oven for another 5 minutes to re-ripen about 8 parts. Bowl of the pigeon out of the oven, leaving it until touching only warm warm, now You will see nine-sister birds and prepare to bring fry or grill very well. If you don't use a microwave oven, you can let the bird marinated into the pot, cooking ripe on the kitchen is also very fast. It is notable while module: Do not use the chopsticks to be a bird island due to cooking, the bird will ripe from outside Inside (when using a microwave oven, the ripe birds from the inside out) up when using the island chopsticks will crush, scratch the skin, when frying will be fatally pollen when used, the skin is not beautiful. Should hold 2 ears shocking probes when it needs to be inverted to the ripe bird. Prepare hot oil pan, for birds into the golden fried until nine, rotate the sides to soft nine birds, yellow skin
discs for absorbing cooking oil. Birds of birds turn honey into a pieces of eating, folding on the plate and enjoying hot and enjoying the birds: - sticky rice: 500g- pigeons / quail: 2 children Incense: 10g (soaked, smoothed) - Pig fat / chicken - Greasy - onion has been non-aromatic-spices: Salt, pepper, powder, fish sauce just eaten: Step 1: Clean sticky rice (not rub Strong hand) Soak 8 hours of picking out to drain. Mix with a little salt, shocking all gives it into rice. - Put the rice into the stuff poured water below. Stakers until nearly nine for pigs / chicken are steady, then continue the things until nine must turn off the kitchen. Unload to cool to cool.Step 2: Primary pigeons rinse, thui through fire for the golden surname of aroma. Grinding the whole meat and bone for carefully, or filtering the minced meat without bones and bones. Bones 3: astronaut with pig fat for fragrant gold, giving bird meat into seasoning for incense mushrooms. Continue to the hunting, hunting and dry meat. I ripe mixed with steady meat. Then put it back to the back to the hot. NEWS 4: RABING FOR DISEASE, Sprinkle of fat on top of.Chim dovecrays: - Dove: 3 children - Lotus seeds: 150g - Mushrooms: 50g - Atrioc: 30g - lean lean shoulder chop: 150g- LIVING: 100g- Old nuggets: 70g - Ginger: 70g - Red apple: 10 fruits - Dried onions: 50g- Vibal: 1-Ti-flower: 50g Taste: seasoning powder, pepper, fish sauce, cooking oil - pointed tok: - Ginger divided half, 1/2 sliced thin, 1/2 pouring small squeezed water .- Clean preliminary pigeon, Marinated spices, pepper, seasoning powder, ginger water separately. - Lotus seeds Ninh Bey.- Old nuggets soaked. If it is a diary died 5 minutes. - The dried onion is small. - Clean preliminary coriander to drain.- Hanh Hoa cuts the white tuber 10cm, vertical small construction.- Mix 1/2 Lotus seeds with minced meat, live sausage, old nuggets, atrium, incense mushrooms, minced dry , spices, seasoning powder, pepper. Then it was so plasticous and divided into 3 equal parts. - For birds to discs, stuffed into the belly to the birds for filling, taking the pointed to be skewed. - Hot oil to the bird into the golden frying, to drain oil. In the pot, processing water tattoo, then seasoning, seasoning powder, fish sauce for medium, giving a few wings mushrooms, sliced mushrooms, sliced fire until the bird is soft and adds lotus seeds, red apple Into.- Show birds into the big bowl, dip on the onion into the water to be re-put on, chan water, sprinkle of small peace, hot vegetable foods. - When eating withdrawing, cutting birds made 4 parts Stir-fried critical chili chilli Data: 2 pigeons2 Chili chili2 Trees2 Garlic trees1 Roasted terrestrial peanuts2 Roasted peanuts have a small curry of leaves, vegetables and vegetables Other spices such as cooking oil, sugar, seasoning powder: - doves Bring hair cleaning, if possible ask the seller to do it quickly. After cleaning the hair

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