4 Features On Zalo Help Work Online Effectively When Stretching Ways

Meeting online, sending large files is useful features on Zalo to help users resolve remote work quickly, conveniently.zalo computer version (Zalo PC) owns many useful features for Office tasks, help solve jobs quickly, effectively despite being anywhere. Especially in the period of social distance, people have to work at home to limit the spread of disease. Furthermore, remote work is expected to become a translation of the Covid-19 translation trend. Call unlimited videos, completely free on the market, unlimited video calling software is often software available fee

. In order to serve the demand for crowded meetings in large departments, large companies, Zalo provides free video group meeting features up to 100 attendees. In addition, the meeting is also not limited on time, can maintain through 24 hours with stable quality. / Zalo allows the call to make a call up to 100 attendees displaying 25 screens at the same time for Permissions to attend the meeting can see and interact with other members constantly, feel like they are in a meeting, direct exchange
Don't need to go to email, send files up to 1 GB with Zalochia Data via email or a dedicated storage platform is a common task with office people. Of course, when exchanging on the messaging platform, moving to another place to manipulate emails or data storage pages are quite inconvenient. Send large capacity files up to 1 GB with Zalo PC with Zalo on the computer , what users need to do is drag and drop files into the chat window, the data will be sent with large capacity, up to 1 GB. This helps share documents and data for customers and partners easier. When you need to search for data, just click on the "Conversation Information" in the right corner above the chat window, you can see the exchanged files in the chat frame. Jobs are not afraid of drift messages from working from Far away, the need for assignment and work management becomes a need to ensure activities that are still carried out when working together at the office. This requires the working platform to meet the factors: can text the work exchanges, can assign jobs that this content needs to be separated from other exchanges, and must have a place to save store and report tasks when completing and prompt quick appointments on Zalo PCKHI using Zalo on the computer, 'to-do' feature is used to assign jobs to employees, or assign jobs between cities Tablets in the group. 'To-do' will store tasks made. At the same time, all team members can monitor progress, where the work has been done. The recipient is also easy to report, send content to complete the job right in the chat frame
Besides, users also do not need to use alarm clock on the phone or make a meeting appointment on another application . With the "appointment" feature, after being set up content, the time, the countdown timer will be turned on. On time, all members of the group will receive a meeting prompt, without concerning about the time, can be focused completely to handle the job. Text format right in the instant text chat frame In the chat window is a feature that is not a messaging platform, including the applications to pay. Users can now use "text format" on the Zalo computer version, emphasize information by highlighting, tiles, numbering, or even underlining, coloring text. .. All are done as easily as manipulating in a dedicated text format software. Message and text format in the chat window of Zalo PC easily, with information or pine Important newspapers, users can also pinch at the top of the chat window so that other members are convenient to follow at any time. Instead of some messages may be missed on the email, you can apply more this way to increase access to employees in the group. In fact, not only in pandemic, the use of the message platform Multi-country news serves a quick work settlement almost as demand of most companies, held in the new era. The features on the daily messaging tool of Zalo can shorten the work processing time and achieve high efficiency. This is also an essential technology skill that helps people work quickly and adapt to situations that change according to the trend. The poisoning experiences useful features for Zalo PC HTTPS work: // zalo .me / pc.sin Ko Nguyen

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