4 Fire Rice Dishes Are Easy To Do And Crunchy, Hot And Eat And Eat

Fire rice is not only delicious but also very easy to do. You already know your facing fires? 0: 00/8: 39 Southern Fire Pump is one of the tragic snacks of many Vietnamese people, possessing a crispy flavor to dissolve fat, rich momentum fish sauce Grease, rub cotton, ... This snack is not only delicious but also easy to do

. Did you know your own burning rice yet? Here are 4 ways to make the best burning rice, you can refer to. Fire Fatty fat: 1kg sticky rice (you use sticky or tache rice). Dried 100gr ( Should choose small dried shrimp)
Leaf leaves 200gr. Fresh 2 fruits. Diates: Fish sauce, salt, sugar. Fire fat. Fat with steps to make fish fat: Before shaking hands with the way to make rice Faces of grease, we need to spend a bit of time to prepare the ingredients according to the instructions below: If you use sticky rice, you can soak with warm water for 2 hours, then clean, ripen to stick . With rice, you can clean rice, put in cooked rice cookers. Notice should not be cooked too dry or too late, when frying will lose the crispness. Leaves pick up the part, rinse and slime. The wash is clean, sliced, sliced thin. Soak water for 1 hour for shrimp hatching and softened, then picked into the basket to drain
Press 1: Slear pressed rice with a pan when ripe, you exposed to the bowl, let it cool down. When the rice has cooled, you give rice to the anti-stick pan to use thin meals. Note that the amount of rice is just enough, it should not be too thick to force the rice to not dry evenly, so let's have a small fire, pay attention to the burnt rice to retain the aroma of rice. Scefoil 2: Cut the rice pads and put it in the tray The rice starts, turning off the kitchen, rice rice to a large tray, remember to be careful when putting into the tray so that the rice piece does not break. After that, you cut the rice into a large pieces with your palms. NEWS 3: RESULTS OFFICE IN THE SUNNY ROUND is brought out in the sun exposed, dry until the piece of rice is dry. When drying in the sky, you should pay attention to cover up carefully to ensure the hygiene. Scebill 4: Fried the pane on the kitchen for hot, then put the oil and put the oil to be dried into the sheep. Should be given a bit of oil to burn yellow fried rice, when you see rice burning rice, you can easily remove it to disk, so it uses oil absorbent paper to when eating without much oil. In this step, if you want to eat burnt rice with a rich taste, you can add a teaspoon of delicious fish sauce in the fried with the same 5: Make the fat to the oil to the pan boil up, then give dried shrimp to the island Even, after 3 minutes you wedge a tablespoon of fish sauce and 1 tablespoon of stir. When the shrimp meat horrors, let the green onions and chili quickly and quickly the hand island, finally for the pan down. Snow 6: Enjoy the rice fire with a burning rice, then sprinkle the fat on the rice pads and start enjoy. Rice burning grease will be more delicious when eating with a lighter or cotton scrub. The finished product must be burnt fat without burnt fat. When eating without the feeling of hard rice that must be loud and crispy and crispy. It is too salty with a burnt rice, just eating and eating and eating. Fire warehouses: Making a cold rice: 1 Bowl (you can How much do you like) Make a lighter, only: 250gTom dry: 100g of the delicious fish sauce: 100ml Street: 70g Filter: 100ml of flowers, garlic, dried onions, fresh peppers. Fire warehouse warehouse Warehousing warehouse Clean dust, soaked, dried onions to remove the outer shell for clean and then smashed, minced, chili picked up. It is possible to take advantage of cold rice remainder after the main meal if enough or choose the type of flexible rice to be clean, cooked into rice and let it cool. Then use a non-stick pan for the kitchen to fit into a hot pan for a hot pan Fire and let the rice cool, use a thin spoon of rice to the pan, pressing a little strong to stick to the pan to form a thin pieces. Continue to let little fire Liu Riu for about 10 minutes for crispy yellow rice. When the rice is still hot gently folded the rice pieces and then gave it to disc. Three meat only cleaned, taking a small piece of 1.5-2cm size, then put the meat into the roasted plate for nine evenly to flesh and fire Gold put away its own cup. Later to follow the entire map of the street fish sauce mixed on the upper into a shrimp pan and rim shrimp on the small fire until the shrimp hunting again. Continue for bacon only fried yellow into the warehouse with shrimp until the meat only And shrimp horrors, seasoning for fitting with the taste. When the mixture is comparable, you have to continue flowers and chili (depending on spicy or less spicy) in and turning off the kitchen is done. When you eat, you eat, you give the rice to burn out with the cup, to raw pieces Rice burnt and tear up and dot with a swipe or cut the pieces on the plate. The lighter rice will be even better when eating in the winter or cold weather days. The southwesterner uses this dish as a habit. The rice is simple, easy to do, not very much nutritious but bringing a warm dress atmosphere and a symbol of solidarity, yes

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