4 Important Questions For The Us After Taliban Take Over Kabul

American officials seemed to be quite surprised by the Taliban nearly unappointing any significant resistance to controlling Afghanistan after the foreign military withdrew. The question is how the administration of President Biden will react in the new situation that arises? What will the Afghan fate of US support? When the US tried to evacuate his citizens in Afghanistan, the fate of thousands of Afghan people who are waiting to receive a special American visa becomes more and more and more. Destruction of documents that they have sex with the United States to protect themselves. Washington at the end of July, Washington announced, the first of 2,500 Afghan people was confirmed to work directly to the US government Together with their families began to come to America. At that time, about 20,000 special visa applications are waiting for handling

. America also secretly negotiated with a number of governments to temporarily resettle Afghan refugees when they waited for the US to consider each case . However, the plans are still precarious by the order situation at the main airport of Afghanistan are very chaotic. Does America recognize the Taliban government? The US special representative in Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad last week warned Taliban's representatives in Qatar's Doha capital that their government will be alienated by globally if it is powerful by force
Oom 15-8, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the United States will only recognize and work with "a Future Afghan Government maintains the basic rights of the people and does not contain terrorists." Blinken emphasized, the US will Do not lift sanctions for Taliban members unless they respect human rights and call for the international community to "use all tools in terms of economy, diplomacy and politics to ensure those rights Maintain "American Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ned Price on August 16, said the Taliban's behavior will decide whether Washington recognizes any new government in Kabul. What does Afghanistan look mean for With American national security? Since taking office, Biden government officials are frankly acknowledged about the precarious situation in Afghanistan, but said Washington will not wait to have been stable and then withdrawal when the Taliban enters the presidential palace Kabul, the US authorities still protected the decision to withdraw the troops, said that the US achieved the goal of chasing people who caused the 11-9 terrorist crop and disabled direct threats with America's speed The Taliban advanced to control Afghanistan made the United States to recognize the ability to increase the risk of security threatening with the United States. 15-8, General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Chief of Staff Chief of Army, said, The authorities will change the way of evaluating the reconstruction of "terrorist" groups in Afghanistan is a failure of American intelligence? American intelligence constantly modified forecasts about Afghanistan feces under Taliban's hand because the actual situation was faster than predicted.William Maley, an Afghan analyst and an honorary professor at the National University of Australia Suggest that the Taliban's rapid progress has "crushed" US reputation in foreign policy. "It may be compromised as confidence in capacity and judgment in foreign policy America, but the process has started for a long time, "said Stephen Walt, professor of international issues at Harvard Kennedy School written on Twitter

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