4-minute Exercise To Help Girlfriends With Long Legs Don’t Lose To Supermodel

It only takes 4 minutes before going to bed, a girlfriend will see a significant change on his 'radish' legs.0: 00/1: 38 Nou southern southern lengthened legs, slender is the dream of Any girl. However, many girls complained that they were too busy, there was not much time to practice. Not only that, in the days of social distance, people are advised to stay at home to prevent disease. Here are 4 exercises 4 minutes before going to bed to help your girlfriend get long, slender legs as expected

. Exercise 1: Expand your feet a little more and hold two hands in front of your eyes. Squat down and squeeze your hips. Repeat this squatting movement every 20 seconds
Episode 2: With this exercise, continue to perform a squatting movement and spread your hand after every 20 seconds. At this point, you can see the thighs a little more pain. Episode 3: Keep in a squatting position, kick the right leg up and then take the left leg. Change 2 legs after 20 seconds. Episode 4: With this exercise, please maintain a static squatting posture for 20 seconds, paying attention to maintaining angle of 90 degrees between the upper body and the lower body. Episode 5: Kit the right leg high and kick the left leg to cross, hold this position for 20 seconds. Episode 6: Expand the two legs with the maximum distance, the right foot pillow and left foot, and stretch the thighs In 20 seconds. Episode 7: Stretch the thighs to the right and left for 10 seconds. Most, these foot exercises have an effect on the leg muscles, which helps the muscle relax and tighten, Since then, enhances effectiveness to help your legs become slimmer. Just to be difficult to practice every day a few minutes, you will see the unexpected effect after a while
Huynh Trang / According to Sundaymore

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