4 Moisturizer Errors Make Skin Pouring Oil, Pimples

Mau Mau identifies 4 moisturizing cream errors to avoid bad skin to deteriorate <Pard: 00/2: 30 Nadlands at any stage of the year, applying moisturizing ice cream is still forced skin procedures. Even when it is hot, your skin needs moisturizing. Moisturizer not only helps maintain berry skin, but also reduces colored dull skin, greasy balls, on acne and preventing both early aging. Important and basic moisture is so but not anyone Also properly, causing the skin not beautiful and has encountered greasy balls, on acne. Below is 4 common errors when using moisturizer, certain sisters must avoid

. I am irregular moisturizing cream that has a lot of moisturizing moisturizing cream, but in the middle of the day. Cream is not a product that you can use it, but need to apply regularly, two morning - afternoon; So, the new skin maintains a humidity 24/7. In contrast, if the cream is steadily, the skin when a lack of moisture will pour more oil, not only causing your skin to have greasy balls but also increased the risk of pores, acne and moisturizing cream
Moisturizing specials also have different types, the core is to meet the changes of weather and skin needs. In the cold season, when the air is extremely hit, sisters will need concentrated creams to maintain berry skin, do not lack moisture due to cold dry weather.Sang to hot season, thin cream light, or real Gel products will be the ideal choice because of fast and light penetration. If you use concentrated creams for the hot season, the skin will not avoid heavy feeling, take a draft, even seals the pores and make acne outbreaks. Therefore, depending on the weather, you need to choose the proper cream texture so that the skin is not "choking", instead is always moist, smooth. Using the cream causing the pores of pores Having in creams can make pores clogged and pour more oil, such as coconut oil, vaseline or grease butter ... especially if you are owning oil skin, easily on acne, you should avoid ice cream Nursing contains these components so that the situation is not worse. When choosing a lottery, you need to prioritize products with notes that are non-Comedogenic (do not cause acne) or Won't Clog Pores (which means not clogging pores) to not make skin pour oil, Up acne, but still maintains moisture
Do not wash your hands before applying moisturizing ice cream, she doesn't have a habit of washing your hands with soap before applying Skincare products in general, or moisturizer in particular. This will accidentally prolong the bacteria for the skin, causing confection and increasing the risk of acne. So before embarking on the Skincare process with steps like washing face, toner, serum and cream, you need to kill your hand carefully with soap. - Photo: Internet

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