4 Morning Habits Can Harm Skin But Unfortunately Many People Still Do

Do not correct the following habits, your skin will be increasingly aging to be very pronounced! 0: 00/2: 16 Nou southern regionArh disturbing skin carefully but you still see acne or funny status Appears on your skin. This may be due to some mistakes you often suffer in the morning. Let's see if you are suffering from one of the bad habits below or not to fix it now! First Long shower in the morning, people who have a habit of taking a bath in the morning as a way to wake up the body to welcome the new day. However, in the weather days of ugly, cold, the current shower is very harmful to your health. Hot water when exposed to meat skin can cause moisture loss and cause dull skin, rough

. In addition, people who have a habit of washing their face under the shower are also very easy to damage capillaries on the face and cause early skin aging. Drinking coffee before breakfast criticism seems to be a common habit of both old people and young people, but in fact it doesn't benefit your skin. If you drink coffee before breakfast, this habit is to harm your body that you don't know
This will make the toxins difficult to get out of the body and make the skin easy to form wrinkles early.3. Only apply sunscreen when sunscreen sunscreen helps protect your skin when going out in the summer, but applying this ice cream even if there is also in the house all day can help prevent the risk of skin aging . Although indoor glass doors can block most UVB rays, it still does not protect your skin from toxic UVA rays. So, even if you only work in the office all day and don't spend a lot of time outdoors, the morning should still apply sunscreen to help your young skin more longer.4. Using false cleanser How if you notice the morning to get up and woke my face looks more than normal, it is probably because the body is dehydrated. At this time, the skin will be more sebum to make you wake up with a greasy shadow face. Many people choose to use cleanser to overcome this defect on the skin. However, using cleanser and rubbing strongly on his face, it makes the skin more vulnerable
The better way is that you should wash your face with a lightwarming water layer and then apply moisturizer after all over the skin on the skin will be better. Source: Brightside

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