4 Of These Parts On The Body’s Mother’s Body Is Darker, The Better The Fetus

Some parts on the body are darkened, causing pregnant women to lose confidence in their appearance.0: 00/2: 02 nam1. The face after becoming pregnant, the mother will see the spots on the face. Due to the impact of ultraviolet rays and hormones in the body, the number of black cells in the body increases, causing melasma and freckles. The moms voting don't worry, most tastes will disappear after giving birth

. If he saw the melasma increase after becoming pregnant or unable to disappear, you can use special products for pregnant women To improve melasma.2. The aema should be grown, the concentration of hormones and progesterone also increased
The halo is dark, dark. This is essentially a normal change during pregnancy, mostly after birth it will fade away. Ancient and armpops are pregnant, some pregnant women will see neck and armpits will turn black. The reason is due to increased hormone hormone stimulating silenic cells during pregnancy. And dark darkness in the neck and armpits are also different in each person. Having a pregnant woman will be clear, she has no wife. A number of pregnant women will have dark sugar on the stomach. Back later, the longer the line is also darker. This is when the middle 3-month pregnancy, the concentration of hormones and progesterone secretly secretly and causing the road between the stomach darker. The stretch condition in each person is also different
There was a serious stretcher pregnant woman like a watermelon stain, and she had a pregnant woman who was not stretched during pregnancy. If you don't want to be stretched, the mother elected to use massage oil in the first trimester to moisturize the skin every morning and dark. The parts on the mother of the mother gourd dark is very normal . After birth, Mother can improve these problems by adjusting the diet.Vitamin C is the natural enemy of melanin. Mom hard to eat fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C such as whole wheat, brown rice, crowded mushrooms, tofu, kelp, orange and butter. Vitamin C can change the body's pigment, and make skin soft and supple. In addition to eating, you should also protect the sun when going out daily. Learn Huyen - According to QQ

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