4 Simple Delicacies From Minced Beef, Fascinating Aromatic Flavor

What is a delicious minced beef? Refer to 4 ways of minced beef transformations below! 0:00 / 6: 03Nefighted Southern Cheese Pabs - Grinding Beef: 400 gr - Cheddar Cheese or Mozzarella - Operating minced garlic, grinding pepper , powder soup, a little sugar. - Multi-purpose powder, fried powder. - 1 chicken egg. Cheese pellets are made-puree beef mixed with onions, garlic, spices, pepper, sugar. To 20 minutes for spice absorption

.- Chopped cheese into a small square 1 x 1 cm.- After the meat was spicy, split the flesh into a small part wrapped in cheese, rounding. , Beat, add a little salt
- Prepare a multi-purpose dough, a fried dough. The meat is dipped through eggs and coated with multi-purpose powder. Embed the 2nd eggs and then covered the fried powder .- Fried the meat of the flooded cheese. When the meat has ripened gold, it will be hot and eaten hot. The beef is a soy sauce with meatballs: - 450g Minced beef - 100g white buttons or grease mushrooms washed, cut mushrooms, shredded - 1/4 Pepper bells remove beads, rinse, thai mini-several hiking leaves washed, Thai mini-3 cloves peeled garlic, shredded-2 tablespoons wheat-1/2 spoon small salt - 1 egg-a little bead Perfecting pellet sauce sauce sauce raw material parts: - 6 tablespoons pineapple water pressed - 5 tablespoons soup sauce - 3 minced garlic cloves - 1 sliced chopped ginger-3 tablespoons sugar - 2 tablespoons rice vinegar - 2 spoons of small corn flour - 1 spoon of small alcohol (optional). How to do: Step 1: - For all raw materials for meatballs in Europe.Step 2: - Use the plate or wear nilon gloves mixed. : - Play into rounds, evenly, do it all. - Reverse the meat in the baking tray with a grease
Now 4: - Turn on the hot oven first, give the meatball tray into 250 degrees Celsius About 18-20 minutes. If you don't use the oven, you can put meatballs into a pan to fry. Scewater 5: - Mix all ng ng Liberty to do the sauce on the bowl. Bat.Nec 6: - Heat the pan, pour the spice bowl in step 5 into, heat until the mixture of foaming. 7: - Light is ripe, island Hand about 5-7 minutes. Neck 8: - Turn off the kitchen, sprinkle on the surface a bit of roasted sesame (optional), pour out a hot plate with rice. Beef with ice cream sauce Make cream minced beef sauce for 4 People eat: - 3 tablespoons butter-350g- 400g beef-1 onion-1-2 large potatoes - 1 little coriander - ¼ cup of ice cream - 2 chicken eggs - salt and pepper with minced beef with cream Making minced beef sauce for 4 people eaten: Step 1: Processing the raw material made of minced beef sauce. - Potatoes you peel clean and threw into small pomegranate seeds - beef you wash Small minced or grinding are all, however, you should not grind your puree. - Humorously washes and threw friends - onions of Thailand into thin and small slices or also Thai into pomegranate shape. Steps to make minced beef sauce cream. - First, you give potatoes into one Small pot and more flooded with potatoes. - When the potato pot is boiled, you give a little bit into the pot and heat about 3 minutes more, you can turn off the kitchen. - After that, you dump potatoes Filter price for the water runs throughout the water. - The next step, you are a pan on the kitchen and add butter to heat. - Wait when the butter melts completely, you put on the onions into the aroma until you Onion is soft and turning to slightly yellow. - After that, you gave potatoes to stir-fry. In essence, with this step will be quite similar to frying potatoes, you will boil potatoes for a period of 5-10 minutes so that the soft potatoes are both soft and yellow. - Next, You gives minced beef and also continues to stir the hands until the beef is completely ripe. - At the same time, you can season to add salt and pepper for fitting. - Then, the You add ice cream to the beef pan and the island for about a minute. - The last step, you beat the chicken eggs in the middle of the potato beef pan. In this step, we won't be anymore but so that it until the egg is ripe, you turn off the kitchen. - After that, you cleverly put food into the plate to remain the middle of the chicken eggs in the middle Mixed potato beef like the same. His Italian minced beef sauceThe datasmaking material Mattered pasta300g Meat 200g tomato3 Tomato3 onion3 garlic cloves1 Poker onion1 Chili chilliAcouring tomatoes1 Package pasta tastes: salt, cooking oil, pepper ... avocado Mayonnaisemi has a minced beef sauce, making italian pasta beef with about 2 liters of cold water into the pot and boiled, then added: 1 teaspoon salt, 2 teaspoons of cooking oil so that the noodles don't get back Together. For Italian noodles slowly so that noodles don't break. Module for about 1 minute to soft noodles and flooded in water. After that, you use the island chopsticks for noodles. Continue to boil about 8-10 minutes for noodles to ripe all. When noodles are ripe, you'll get drained to drain the water through cold water for better noodles. Beef turning beef, you washed, drain and minced or puree. After that, for beef to broke, marinated with a mixture of: 2 teaspoons of cooking oil, 1 teaspoon of salt and mixed for spices.

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