4 The Manifestation Of The Husband In The End Of The Wife, Who Is Married Must Be Happy

Wedding is the husband like this, sisters often have a dreams of dreaming marriage desire to wish <: 00/1: 52 South British men1. Always considering his wife as a treasure in any circumstances he actually loves to face, especially in front of friends or outsiders, they want to show their status to others, so they are often or wrong . But with a man who loves his wife, no matter where, in beside everyone, they still show the attention and length of his wife. The wife said they went east, they never walked towards the west.With a man who loved his wife, no matter where, next to anyone, they still showed the attention and length of his wife

. (Artwork) 2. Submit a pay card every time it is actually, the man is very directed, where man's money is, their love there! Many men don't like to give money to his wife after marriage because they are afraid of losing freedom, afraid of being managed by his wife and afraid to take his own coins. However, lovers afternoon Appreciate your wife, it is not afraid to give money to his wife
Every time the company paid, they often put most of the wages for his wife. In their hearts, they always have thought that they don't make money for their wives. So they are not afraid of this. Always helping the wife to work as a man thinks that their main job is to make money and their wives will be worried about water rice, taking care of children, serving their parents. However, men actually love his wife will not be afraid to help his wife work. When wives pregnant or sick, they are willing to take care of his wife, buy medicine for his wife, cook rice for his wife to eat. When you have a small child, the man will carry lulls sleep at night because they know that his wife takes care of them all day. They want his wife to sleep a little more. The men really love their wives will not be afraid to help his wife work. (Artwork) 4
Never cold war with his wife and always the first to receive an error when arising and every couple arguing is normal. After every quarrel, some men will slam the door and leave, leave his wife at home and cry. But a man who loves his wife will never let his wife at home alone. Although harsh argument, after calming, the man will actively accept the bug with his wife.

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