4 Things To Know About Activated Carbon Toothpaste

Activated carcers are being used for increasingly popular. Although there are many different advantages, there is also a lot of disadvantages, so it still needs more research to demonstrate the effectiveness of this toothpaste.0: 00/4: 57 South Vietnam: :first. What is activated carbon toothpaste? 2. The effects of activated carcers3

. Disadvantages of activated carbon toothpaste4. These notes to remember to use active activated carcers Safety activated brushing activated carbon tooths are increasingly seen as a new trend and widely used in the market. However, this type of toothpaste works, how it is advantageous and disadvantaged, long-term use of health effects
.. is something that doesn't understand.1. What is activated carbon toothpaste? Activated carcers are a toothpaste that contains activated carbon in the composition. This type of coal is very different than the normal coal that we still use. Thanks to the dense capillaries in its structure, it helps greatly increase the surface, thereby making activated carbon more adsorbent. Therefore, it is likely to take care of and clean the teeth very well. The active carbon brushing is currently used primarily in two forms of ice cream and powder form. Popular (Photo: Internet) Read more: - Bleeding when brushing your teeth: Early signs Incubate your body - Does your teeth harm? 6 Health issues from this dangerous habit2
The effects of activated carcers on the effects of activated carbon are in the composition that some effects of activated carbon have exhibited expression than conventional toothpaste, such as: - Eliminate more efficient plaque, while plaque on the teeth mainly carry positive and acidic electricity. The difference in this charge increases the linkability of activated carbon with plaque on teeth. Therefore, it helps remove plaque on teeth faster and more efficiently. - Helps white teeth than time, substances with color origin from food, coffee, wine, cigarettes, ... will Depositing at the tooth surface makes the teeth get colored. Activated carbon particles with structural characteristics should be very strong adsorption, remove these pigments from the surface of the teeth and make white teeth brighter. However, due to only impact on the tooth surface If the teeth are changed in color not due to deposition substances that are caused by the color nature of the enamel (color to change the use of antibiotics, ...), do not use activated carbon toothpaste. Can make teeth become white. - Eliminate bad breath of plaque, debris food, acid components are the main causes of bad breath, making the breath unpleasant. Activated carcers removed these elements easier should also make bad breath controlled more efficiently.3. Disadvantages of activated carcers are located with clear advantages and benefits when used, activated carbon toothpaste also has a number of different disadvantages. . This capability makes it possible to help your teeth become white but also a two-blade knife that causes teeth to worn faster. According to the United States Dental Association, using activated carbon for a long time can cause teeth to worn ivory tooth. The consequences are vulnerable to the teeth due to the nervous receptors in the teeth are exposed. - Contains very little fluorine toothpaste activated carbon does not contain or contain very little fluorine. This is an important substance in toothpaste to protect your teeth from tooth decay. The use of activated carbon toothpaste does not have fluoride for long periods of time that makes teeth unprotected, susceptible to tooth decay.- Change the color toothed activated carbon particles to the teeth, but they can settle Put into cracks, or grooves on teeth. When the long-standing deposition will cause the colorful areas to change on the teeth that lose cosmetic. Feet and gums. As a result, making the gums vulnerable or inflamed. These notes to remember to use safe activated carcers use activated carbon toothpaste properly to ensure safety and efficacy (Photo: Internet) to use safe activated carbon toothpaste and More efficient, please note the following: - Use activated carbon toothpaste with clear and transparent origin. Avoid using poor quality products. - Check the component of activated carbon toothpaste before use, especially important components such as Flo, Calci, ...- when brushing teeth with cream Brushing activated carbon teeth, it is necessary to take the movements gently and have to rinse the mouth so clean then to completely drift the remaining coal particles. - Do not abuse activated carbon toothpaste to avoid worn enamel, should only use

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