4 Things To Let Go, New Inner Mind Is Calm, Happy Life

The cavalry mind stems from the comparison, greed and ending with hatred. People who bring the jealous mind will be easy to do wrong things, even damage to themselves.0: 00/1: 26 namlo nuns are worried about calm people who live in nature, not to worry about what to worry about Both. Meanwhile, the person in mind is always worried that he brought all his felt to send it to others. What to pay attention to their eyes, this type of person is extremely tired

. We should take the time for the present, not calculating the measurement, it can be safe. Others. The most unhappy on this life
Because of the jealousy, people don't feel safe and happy from things, things, events and talents they have. At any time envy with others about what they have. Behavestone with an inner insecurity is not envy others, see the loss of his person like his loss. The more angry, the more people Hot floating. People who are hot like the barrel of explosives, just encountering with small flames can also fire immediately. Such people are certainly unable to keep the mind calm. People with calm minds will not easily be hot with others, because they are likely to receive all the situation to happen. They are not confident, living in low anxiety. Only a vague question of the side also made them skeptical himself. Just because of someone's colds they will think they are not good enough
.. Remember each person is a separate individual, who has advantages and shortcomings. So there is no need to compare or have anyone with anyone. Thomen / KhoeVadep

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