4 Types Of Food Helps You Soon Say Goodbye To Acne, Reduce Inflammation

Here are 4 types of delicious and delicious food that supports acne treatment, reducing inflammation that any sister needs to have 200: 00/2: 20 nammilles are a headache problem that many sisters make sisters lost Confident when communicating. Acne is not only at puberty, but even if many people still have acne problems. In addition to external cleaning and anti-acne skin, eating the right food is also a way to solve the problem from within.Theo dermatologist Korea Li Ye-eun, sisters must learn the diet control Reasonable drinking. 4 The following foods can help you stabilize your skin and prevent acne

. Foods rich in vitamin CVitamin C plays a role in promoting collagen formation - fibers link between the tissues in the body, helping to keep the skin smooth, without wrinkles. In addition, it is also possible to develop the development of melanin pigment, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, can prevent or reduce pigmentation and redness caused by acne. Illustration
It is recommended to add 3000mg of vitamin C every day, can eat more rich vitamin C foods such as kiwi, guava and cauliflower. Combined with drinking multi-vitamin C fruit juices are also suggestions for clean acne skin. Zinc-containing food is an essential trace element for the human body with many effects that have reduced acne acne, recovering wounds and antioxidants, very useful for improving acne status and Skin. Some foods such as oysters, oats, spinach, beef, pumpkin seeds, walnuts .. There are zinc sister components that should add to the daily menu alternating, will Very good skin and acne skin care. Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon, mackerel, mackerel, or nuts such as pumpkin seeds and walnuts are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids work to help improve acne and reduce dermatitis. These foods are good for acne and inflammatory skin. The phenomenon of inflammation makes the bacteria cause more active acne, causing clogging pores and causing painful acne spots
4. Yungosprobiotics can help maintain the balance of intestinal bacteria, promote intestinal pertussiness, help digestion, support toxic toxicity out, enhance immunity, reduce dermatitis and body. You can drink appropriate microbiological enamel supplements like yogurt at normal times to help improve health and help skin be healthier, less acne. Good and beautiful

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