4 Ways To Treat Simple Acne At Home, Lazy Can Be Done

Sisters 'Located' 4 ways to treat acne at home are extremely simple with the ingredients available in the kitchen: 00/3: 24 male acne at home with natural ingredients is how to make Sisters regained confidence when communicating. To run out of pimples quickly, you can apply simple, easy ways to do without losing money to spa expensive. Acne at home with lemon's composition of Lemonhanh is a beauty material, okay Knowing is the fruit that helps lighten the skin, reducing the darkness, so it is used to use lemon juice to be used by many sisters. The lemon contains many vitamin C, Citric Acid of AHA group and antioxidants. These components help fight free radicals, brighten the skin, re-create collagen and limit wrinkles

. Lemon acne with lemon when cleaning the skin with dark acne, you use cotton lemon juice and apply Go to the dark area. Wait about 15 minutes and then rinse with warm water. You should do in the evening should not be used during the day because under the impact of damaged skin UV rays may be more darkened
At home with honey with honey is a raw material Beauty safe and effective. In honey containing hydrogen peroxide, is a substance that works to reproduce the skin, helping to remove darkness causes darkening. In addition, honey also provides many vitamins and minerals to help nurture skin cells. Essential acne with honey with honey and yogurt You only need to use pure honey with a dark area 3-4 times a day. Or to achieve faster efficiency can combine more with sugar-free yogurt, then apply it to the skin with acne. Leave this mask about 20 minutes and rinse with warm water. Aibimial acne with honey and technology containing the curcumin compound works to heal wounds more quickly and reduce inflammation. Turmeric also contains vitamin E to help exfoliate and reduce effectively. Combining honey and turmeric will increase acne treatment efficiency. You just need to mix honey and a little turmeric or grinding water powder, then apply to the acne bruises, to stand for 20 minutes then rinse the face with warm water
Clean acne at home effectively with ginger Ginger of ginger ginger contains many minerals, k, ca, mg, co, fe ... carotene, vitamins B, C, E. These substances have the effect of inhibiting the production of melamine pigments, reducing love The acne in the skin. The acne made of brutal acne is washed with fresh ginger, washing fresh ginger, sliced sliced and applied directly to the dark acne. Be repeated 3 times / day, after two weeks of scars caused by acne will be faded and your skin is also brighter and brighter. Sheep a lot of acne at home. Plants with great beauty use are especially special in deep reduction, lightening. In Aloe vitamins containing many good vitamins for skin such as vitamin E to help prevent oxidation, support skin regeneration; Vitamin C Anti-inflammatory, dry skin quickly; Vitamin B12, Vitamin A nourishes and brightens the skin. The brutal acne is aloeted: Take the transparent gel inside the aloe vera leaf and apply to the area with dark acne, then massage gently to essentially Go to the skin, then rinse with warm water. Also the above ways, you can treat acne with other natural ingredients such as tech, tomatoes, potatoes, etc. These are simple materials and easy to do. But note must first keep the skin clean and often wear a mask every time it goes to the road so that the skin has been damaged by dark acne. Please note that how to treat acne at this house needs to be persistent to achieve good performance. This season is having a lot of time at home, enlist learning more beauty tips and easily saving this. Naturally (General)

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