4 Weight Loss Exercises Help You Burn 500 Calories In Just 30 Minutes

Here are some weight loss exercises that help you burn calories effectively without going to Gym.0: 00/2: 00 nam1. Exercise interrupts illustration. Exciting interval training (interruption) is an alternating exercise method between low intense exercises and high strength exercises such as accelerating and normal walking. In the easiest exercises to burn calories and firm the body

. To achieve the best performance when running for 30 minutes, run the interruption at different speeds. You can run outdoors or on a treadmill, start at the comfort rate, then speed up quickly Gradually. If you don't like to run, you can also practice alternating between regular walks and walking fast, 2
Lee climbing, we all know about climbing exercises, but mostly do not apply. Find a staircase, hold hands and start climbing stairs. This exercise will help affect many muscles When and burning more calories. Using weightlifting from 2 to 5 kg.3. HiITI if you want to burn a lot of calories in a short time, try HIIT.hiit exercises (High Intensive Interval Training) is a set of high-intensity episodes. This file requires you to repeat the exercises The fastest height is possible to burn fats. The experts believe that grease hit exercises are much more efficient than cardio exercises. HIIT exercises create excess oxygen consumption after exercise, so You can burn calories for a long time after Episode 4
Plyometricplyometric exercises are an exercise that helps launch a large force in a short time of muscles. The exercises are not only burned calories effectively but also help build muscle muscles. Also like hit, veneerometric exercises you will have to do The movements are repeated and try to practice as quickly as possible. Examples include movements such as raising pillows, squat, anti-push, lunge, rear legs, climbing movements, lift foot, .. . Try to repeat each movement 12 times, perform 3 HIEP. This exercise will help prevent the corn and give you a toned body in a short time. Royal Nguyen / New family

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