40-year-old Men Still ‘es’, Do Not Change This Difficult To Escape Fa

Many years older men are still unmarried. There are many reasons that the 40-year-old men are still 'espish', and if they don't change it, it is difficult to escape the FA. Poor economic conditions: Money does not decide to be happy but lack of money. More towels. Understanding this, many women will have calculations, considerations

. Illustration. I want to not only love, there are many things rice rice money to worry. Women can choose men who are not too rich, accepting together, but they must satisfy the basic needs in life
Reality, in rural China, men with low income, articles FIRST ECONOMIC ECONOMIC ECONOMY is very few people to marry them. If they don't make efforts, they can hardly change the 40-year-old body still "esh". Prospects of women: In addition to the economic conditions are inferior, men are often disappointed about women. When they were young, they used to wholeheartedly because of love, there were unforgettable experiences but deeply hurt. As a serious person, the emotional shock makes them difficult to receive a new relationship. They are afraid to face love, do not believe in love, so they would rather live single than beginning from the beginning. Don't like to bind: Smooth family is motivated, the goal for men to strive in life . However, many people like foreign-oriented life, do not like to be bound. Meanwhile, marriage life will cause them to take care of, worry about members, economic construction. Leave, this male style is very afraid to intervene in its own life
They just like the vague relationship on friendship, under love, do not depend on, do not stick to satisfy the jump. Passion for work: Most of us are balanced between career and family. However, there are many people who are passionate about the work but forget to build their own family life. People in the passion for work are willing to spend all time to get their own achievements. For them, the sense of excitement in the process of dedication is very strong, there is no need for love. Sometimes, the depths of them are also empty but the work is busy with them, there is no time to build long-term relationships. Artwork. Readers See more Video: 5 Men's shoe samples should be in the cabinet. Source: Alex Costa / Zingnews.vn Tam (according to SH)

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