49 ‘planeters From Nothingness “float Across The Galaxy, 4 Like Earth

NASA's Kepler space telescope discovered a series of mysterious wandering planets, freely drifting, not in any solar system.0: 00/1: 49 namtheo science alert, only in NASA's second round, "Foreign hunter" of NASA helped scientists record 27 strange signals showed that a wandering planet may be moving across the lens. 4 of them shows a planet with equivalent volume with the earth, can carry the same texture. Using a "planet wandering" - graphic images from the Universe Today "These signals are extremely extremely Difficult to find "- Astronomer Ianin Mc Donald from Manchester University (UK), Member of the research team, explained." Lang Thang Planet "is the phrase that refers to the uninted wigs, no stars Mother held, so it was endless in the darkness of the universe

. Because not illuminated should observe them very difficult. In addition to 27 signals that Kepler observed, the astronomical stations around the world only recorded an additional 22 other signal. This is called "Microlensing event" - usually a sophisticated bright spot in the universe , appeared as "The blink of the contents of the highway", according to the description of the team
4 Special short event - representing 4 planets wandering like Earth - are precious events The most recognized price is noted that Kepler is NASA's "retiring" telescope. This study is based on the analysis of the data that it has been collected when operating. So it is possible to hope that newer space telescopes are more active and will be launched will help decipher the mystery of the "planet wandering". There are many hypotheses about the planet wandering: Maybe they are thrown out of a star system, or form directly from "nothingness", ie the air and dust in a mysterious event, not from a planetary plate around a star. They seem to drift without orienting through our galaxy. Some studies have even considered the possibility of living in this form of planets and their moons. The research has just been announced on Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

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