5 Acts Of Damaging The 1st Round Of The Daughter, Wanting ‘the Radio Speaker’ Healthy Firm Should Avoid Immediately

Fix the following disastrous habits if you want a healthy treasure round. Healthy.0: 00/3: 57 Southern breasts are a gifts to create a woman, and it is also a symbol for Sexy women. There are many standards for beautiful breasts, no specific numbers to do standards or say anything. A breasts are rated as a beautiful need to have harmony, balance between appearance, size, firm firm with total measurement of each person

. Strong, especially girls who are in puberty at this time the breasts will grow very quickly. However, the following five misconceptions unintentionally damage the chest but many people suffer 1. The underwear does not match the breasts that develops fat on the chest gradually increases, especially the most developed when women are in puberty
The selection of bras suitable for sizes is extremely important. Prioritize the Austrians that bring comfort, not because of the fashion that wears too tight shirts that cause injury and make the breasts hurt. Applying a bra for too long time, poor quality products, loose coat rope caused cosmetic loss, not fulfilling its main tasks that is to support breasts. The habit of lying on the insert from the outer side like wearing too tight or ontomanic habits will affect the size growth and deformed breasts. Therefore, girls often like to lie on their stomach when they sleep, stoop and to vote their breasts on the table when sitting, massaging too hard when relations, will hurt the breasts and affect the development of gourds. Chest.3. Excessive diet of abstinence will lead to an unqualified body, of course incomplete nutrients that make the breasts less granted nature, this can make development breasts not perfect like Being a palate, sagging, shrinking ..
You can choose healthy diets, combine sports to be able to maintain a balanced shape and round 1. Drug abuse containing hormonal hormones in the human body in equilibrium will be very carrying for human development and metabolic process. But for breast augmentation, contraception, abuse of hormone containers will cause mammary hyperplasia. Breast production is a benign mammal pathology, it usually does not cause any symptoms that are usually detected one How to accidentally, increasing mammary glands increases the risk of breast cancer. This will harm the breast vote, affecting the balance of the internal hormones and causing other diseases.5. The bath water temperature is too high or too low Many people transmitted each other tips to have toned and more beautiful breasts that are when bathing can rotate with hot and cold water to enhance blood circulation of breasts. However, This is a mistake way because the breasts have dense capillary, excited with hot water or cold water is extremely unfavorable. If not, it will loosen the soft tissue of the breasts and cause dry skin. Chest care properly: 1. Choose breast cream, lotion or baby oil for breast massage. Put your hand on the head of the breast, gently rub the chest from top to bottom, from the inside outside.3. Use hand massage slowly and gently vote the breasts, first rotate clockwise, then move the clockwise opposite of these foods to protect the health of round 11. Green beans, Red beans, black beans ... rich in nutrients such as lecithin and protein ... help increase size 1, especially when combined with sausage legs, chicken wings will give more efficiency. Nuts and nuts from seeds such as almonds, walnuts and sesame are rich in protein, which contain a large amount of antioxidant, has an anti-cancer effect. Moreover, nuts and foods from seeds can increase the ability to absorb vitamin E of the body, which helps more elastic chest tissue. Grapefruit helps lose weight but does not reduce the amount of fat in breasts4. Soybeans with many hormones Phytoestrogens - are responsible for the development of chest tissue. Soybeans also contain many isoflavones, capable of fighting free radicals and breast cancer cells.

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